• Ray
    In this video, I talk about RV skirting and possible safety issues in the event of an LP gas leak under the RV. Erroring on the side of caution I decided to install an RV propane detector alarm. If you have any other thoughts, ideas, or advice for people leave a comment.

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  • Dhuhn
    Hey Ray I ran across this product thought it would peak your interest it’s called air skirts for RV they are definitely pricey
  • Greg F
    I was about 2 minutes into this video and thought, just put a LP alarm under there. lol. As it is a confined space after skirting and you are literally living on top of the potential of a fire or explosion I don't think it's overkill if only for the peace of mind. Being hooked up I would probably keep the gas turned off anyway but if it needs to be on than safety first!
  • Ray
    Thanks for the heads up Dan, they actually offered to send me a set of Air Skirts for review in the fall but I was already installing and reviewing the EZ Snap product. They do seem aimed at Airstream owners and trying to expand to other rigs. I wonder about being prone to inflation issues and problems with sharp edges under the rig and slideouts. Maybe next fall or winter I'll give them a try but at the time I didn't want to muddy the waters doing two reviews.

    One thing I had wondered about is how they would do on unlevel ground. Our RV site has a decent amount of slope front to back for water runoff. So RV bottom is nowhere near level with the ground. It's easy enough to deal with using the vinyl skirt by tucking and wrapping the excess under but I wonder about these blowup bags and using them in unlevel sites. They seem to be sized for different heights.
    I also sure do like the front shed room, so handy to have. Cheers, Ray
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