• Lonewolf21
    I am in the midst of a Florida Key's trip working our way back to the WNY State area my water heater stopped heating. It will not operate on electric or gas.

    I have cleaned the connections, cleaned out the gas flue, and checked all of the fuses. I am now guessing what could be the problem, and which would fail first, the ECO and T-Stat, the Thermo cut-off fuse, or the circuit board. Any ideas?

    I have all of those items ordered from Amazon to be delivered to an upcoming destination. I hope to be able to return to Amazon the parts not needed.
  • Ray
    What brand of water heater do you have?
  • Lonewolf21
    Hi Ray, oops, forgot to add that it is an Atwood GC10-4E.

    Got a break with getting good WiFi at a friend's house in Charlotte which is allowing me more freedom to reach out to the forum, and check out Atwood tanks.
  • Ray
    ahh, I'm not familiar with Atwood, I was curious as my Suburban has separate gas and electric systems so would be odd for both to fail at the same time.
    Found this service manual that may help, has schematics - http://www.rvrepairmanual.com/manuals/Atwood-Water-Heaters.pdf
    I'd probably troubleshoot the electric and see where that leads.
  • Lonewolf21
    Thanks again, Ray. I was able to download Atwood's manuals while taking advantage of our friend's WiFi. From my first view it seemed to say "If this doesn't fix the problem, then try this" type approach.

    If I had a muti-meter, and knew how to understand one if I did have one, maybe it would make a difference. So, since I have already had the replacement parts delivered to my next stop in Raliegh, I'm gonna replace the Electronic Cut Off and T-Stat first to see if that's the problem. If that doesn't work, I'm on to the circuit board.

    I'll post when I hopefully resolve the problem and what was the fix.
  • Drew
    You can bypass the fuse- it unplugs on one end and you just plug it directly to the lug it connects to. If it works then you can just wait for the replacement and operate it that way in the meantime.
  • Jim Litz
    Check out the great water heater troubleshooting and repair videos here ....
  • Lonewolf21
    Well, I'm back home after a great trip.

    I was able to fix my water heater while in Raliegh for a week by having the parts shipped to my brother's house from Amazon.

    I changed the ECO, T-Stat, and Thermo-fuse and the unit fired right up. I did order a new circuit board also in case that was the issue, but everything worked great with the above replacements. Today I sent it back to Amazon for a full refund.

    Thanks to all who gave tips to try to help me out. I posted this question on two other forums and after almost 200 views not a single person replied.

    Kudos' to Love Your RV!
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