• Bill and Laura Asbell
    On 5/22/2021 we were heading South from TriCities, WA with a 50 mph plus wind on the passengers side. Luckily, I checked the right side view mirror, and saw that our awning had deployed about 16" or so. I pulled over, hit the switch and retracted the awning. 4 miles later the same deployment occurred. I followed the same procedure as before and tied down both awning arms with winch straps. I don't know if this fixed the problem because we soon turned East and had a tail wind. I have read that strapping the awning arms to the trailer will not prevent this and that the awning tube must be locked or pinned to stop its rotation. The awning is a 2014 Dometic 9100 and was not damaged. YET. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  • Ray
    That's a weird one. I have 2010 9100 and have never seen it move even an inch and have been in huge winds with it. You would think the stopped motor would lock it in place. I wonder if it's a mechanical defect. Maybe the motor is weakening somehow. I guess you could drill a hole through and a safety pin as they use for boat hitches. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=boat+safety+pin&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  • Bill and Laura Asbell
    Thanks Ray. I think I'd better contact OutdoorsRV and Dometic. If it would have deployed further the whole thing could have gone over the roof taking out the AC cover, solar panels, rubber roof, etc. Has anyone installed or seen the RV Awning Travel Lock $39.95 plus $4.50 shipping. Thanks again, Bill
  • Ray
    Looks like there was a recall for some awnings manufactured in 2013 https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2013/RCORRD-13V357-1444.pdf

    Maybe you have one of the defective motors

    "Condition Through on-going testing, we have become aware that in some cases this step is being bypassed during installation. In
    bypassing this installation step the 9100 Power Awning, WeatherPro Awning, or Motor Service Kit installation can damage the
    awning motor. If this motor damage occurs it is possible that the awning can unfurl unexpectedly, either while the coach is at rest
    or while in transit."
  • Jack Tyler
    Looks like Ray pulled another rabbit out of the hat!
  • Bill and Laura Asbell
    Ray, I contacted Dometic and sent a claim form in with six photos that they requested. They wanted photos of the motor but I had no way of supporting the awning with the motor removed. The awning assembly date is 10 days past their cutoff date as is the serial number, but they will look at it. Thanks for the heads-up on the recall. Bill
  • Bill and Laura Asbell
    Ray, We have a trip coming up so I installed two Camco awning straps and am still waiting for a response from Dometic. Bill
  • Angel
    What are the Camco Awning straps and do they help secure the awning from unrolling when driving in winds?
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