• Ray
    I was recently contacted by a company called Acuva and asked if I would be interested in being an affiliate for their LED-UV water purification product. I said possibly but would first pick one up and give it a try for a few months, especially when boondocking, and get back to them. They were nice enough to send me one out the next day at no charge to test out.

    So, I decided to publish an unboxing/installation video and then come back later with my product review. The model Acuva sent me is the ArrowMAX 2.0, the latest version for RVs and boats.

    The Acuva system disinfects the RV freshwater using UV LEDs and claims it eliminates "up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, and cysts, offering safe drinking water straight out of your tap. Never worry about the quality of your water source ever again."

    - Provides flow rate of 2 liters per minute (0.52 gallons)
    - Can dispense 120,000 liters of water in its lifetime
    - Comes with Acuva™ Smart Faucet
    - It can be hooked up to multiple waterlines
    - High-quality polymer body casing
    - Stainless steel reactor inside for UV-LED disinfection
    - Chemical-free, mercury-free
    - Point-of-Use system for RVs, campervans, and tiny houses
    - NSF/ANSI 55 Class 'B' and NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO R&T

    We already use an excellent 3 stage water filter system from a company called Clearsource, but due to my wife's sensitive stomach, we still, when traveling, buy purified water. The Acuva purifier could put an end to that. Providing us that little bit of extra peace of mind to drink from our onboard tank water or at unknown campgrounds.

    Acuva Website - https://acuvastore.com/pages/rvs-boats
    Amazon Link - https://amzn.to/3h9oKn5
  • Lewis
    Hi everyone I hope all are having a great summer! My question on the purification system is how often do they recomend replacing the LED UV bulb in the system and at what cost.
    I install a UV system in my house quite a few years ago now but the recomandation was to replace the bulb anually as it lost it's purification strengh,.the bulb was around $90.00 Canadian, something to think about in the long term costs of the system.
  • Willie
    As attractive as UV systems seem to be, I’d love to see a scientific paper or study on the efficacy of UV sterilization? Anybody know of any that I can read? What is the power of that UV light? Is the water flow past this light slow enough to sterilize the water or is this just a feel good device? As they say in Missouri, “show me”.

    I’m also somewhat worried about a sterilization product that turns on a blue light when you’re using it. Does the blue like make you feel better about buying a $600 product or does it really serve a purpose by telling you that the UV light is working? If the UV light becomes ineffective or burns out, will the blue light on the faucet still glow blue, giving you a false sense of security?
  • Ray
    The website says it lasts for 120,000 liters. I read a little about the LEDs used and the company that makes the LED is quoting 5-10 years but that was an older model, still digging for info on this newer generation. I believe the unit doesn't use just one bulb but rather many small LEDs.

    Here is a data-sheet - https://cisuvc.com/images/cis/Datasheets/cis_klaran_wd_ds_031021.pdf

    Compared to UV lamps, which are
    constantly operating and require
    annual replacement, UVC LEDs
    are on only when disinfection is
    needed. This conserves UVC LED
    lifetime and helps extend disinfection
    maintenance cycles to many years.

    Here is some more info I found - https://acuvatech.com/technology-uv-led/
    Looks like they are using a lens to focus the UV light beam.

  • Ray
    According to the manual https://acuvatech.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/ArrowMAX-2.0_Users-Manual.pdf it can also glow red or yellow

    Red - UV-LED fault Unplug and plug in the device’s power jack. If this fault persists, contact Acuva
    or support.

    Yellow Blinking - Low input voltage Verify that the input voltage is above 11volts.

    Here is the company certification page - https://acuvastore.com/pages/faq-certification

    I found this video by the RVGeeks done with an older model in 2018 where they had a lab independently test river and contaminated water for bacterial removal.

  • Jack Tyler
    Ray, three things. First, this is a timely topic as we're mulling what to do beyond our filter pre-treatment...so thank you! Second, I know you take much pride in making your videos instructionally thorough; this one is a poster child for what a good install video should be like and include. This is no doubt why companies like Acuva (and many others) seek you out to demo/use a product. They probably see you as a fair evaluator but they surely know your viewers have a good chance to get the install done correctly. And third, what the heck does it mean when you are anointed with 'affiliate' status? Sounds like a generic term that may vary from one manufacturer to the next, but I have to ask. ;) Congratulations on another excellent video.

  • Jack Tyler
    Quick follow-up: Found your thorough discussion of what an affiliate status means for you (small renumeration) and us (nothing in the financial sense) here: https://www.loveyourrv.com/terms-and-conditions/

  • Ray
    Thanks. :) It varies with each company, most are around the 5% range. Amazon used to be in the 8% range back in the day but over the years as their need for affiliate referrals has dwindled they have slowly lowered it down to an average of around 3%.

    Some companies will also include a discount to end buyers. For example, Lion Energy offers 15% off products when purchased via an affiliate referral. Though often special sales at Costco can be even lower.

    Acuva indicated they would give 10% off the purchase to referrals.

    *Update* Here is the code to get 10% off LOVEYOURRV at checkout on the Acuva Store
  • Jack Tyler
    Thanks for the tip, Ray. My next challenge - our Lance is only 24' LOA - is to determine how 'wedge- able' I will need to be for the installation. I'm sure you can relate...

  • Ray
    Found this deeper dive information video from the company. 20 minutes long but answers most questions.

  • Lewis
    Thanks for all the research Ray, very interesting video. LED lights have really changed the lifespan of many products.
    I enjoy watching your videos!
  • Ray
    In this video, I give you a look at how I make our RV drinking water safer using a couple of different systems. On the RV bumper, I have the Clearsource Ultra 3 stage filter system. Installed in our bathroom sink plumbing, I have the Acuva ArrowMax 2.0 UV-LED purifier system.

    The Clearsource improves the water quality that goes into our freshwater tank. Then the Acuva ArrowMax makes the water super safe to drink.

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