• Drew
    This week we camped at a nice rv spot in Jackson, Ca. but there was a planned power outage there all week. I've always exercised the gen and have done my own maint. Recently it began quitting while we drive. Doesn't matter how much load. It will restart after about 10 to 15 mins. and run for a little while until it stops again. Have read many people's accounts of the same with almost as many suggested remedies. It has about 450 hrs. on it and it's an Onan Marquis Gold 5500. No trouble codes. One mechanic I called suggested either bad air or gas filters. One You Tuber even suggested drain a pint of oil and your problem will be solved. Two on one forum said they replaced the fuel pump which fixed it. Does anybody here have this experience or can point me in the right direction?

  • RamCougar
    My neighbor had similar problems, his motorhome had a metal fuel line between the fuel tank and the fuel pump, when disconnected you could hardly blow through it. The metal line was probably plugged up with rust from lack of use and condensation? He replaced/bypassed the metal line with rubber fuel hose and that improved the problem but it still would stall out. He replaced the fuel pump and it is now fixed. I wonder if the restricted fuel line weakened the fuel pump? You can test it by removing the fuel line at the fuel pump and blowing back through the line, you should hear bubbling in the fuel tank and the resistance should be minimal. Hope this helps.
  • Willie
    Does the generator stall when you are parked? If not, I’d suggest tracing the generator’s fuel line. Does it pass by the main engine exhaust, the engine block, or even the generator’s exhaust where operating temperatures might conspire to vapor lock the generator? If so, think about either insulating the genset’s fuel line or moving it away from any source of heat entirely.

    Again, the key question is: Does the generator die when you are parked? If not, it’s probably related to the heat generated by the engine while you are underway.
  • 360TRUE
    Had same issues last summer. Would run 20 minutes then die regardless of moving or parked. Cool down and repeat. Fix was to replace the gas filter (didn't change) then the gas pump (success!).
  • Drew
    Thank you for all the responses. I bought a new fuel pump and filter and will be installing it soon. In answer to the question of when parked...yes, at first it stopped then too but began working normally. Now it just seems to stop while driving. In doing more reading, I found one guy who simply disconnected the oil pressure sending wire and cured the problem. BTW, I don't know where the sentence "Please accept the comment that answers your question." came from- I didn't type that and personally sounds a little snarky.
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