• Ron19
    I have a six year old Samoyed who I would love to travel with but… she does not travel well. My vet gave me pills that turn her into a zombie but do not solve the problem. She sits and pants. When we get to a destination, she is like a camel who has not seen water for a year. I have tried everything I can think of so am looking for any more suggestions. Thanks
  • jalandry47
    Can she sit or lay down high enough to see out of the windows? I understand that it helps some dogs when they can see what’s going on. An open window might help, too. I feel bad for her, good luck.
  • Jack Tyler
    If you haven't, I suggest you moderate the dosage prescribed by your Vet. Facing a choice between a highly anxious pooch when traveling and a zombie pooch, we found a half dose was the sweet spot.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I have the same problem with my little dog he shakes like a leaf for at least 2 hours into the trip until we finally exhaust himself. If you find a solution other than drugging him let me know.
  • Mary Lifeunderway
    Many vets still use anti anxiety medications that make tje problem worse by essentially making the dog unable to respond to its fears. Imagine being in a terrifying situation and being immobilized- that's basically what those drugs do, and then of course the next time the scary situation ( car ride, thunderstorm, fireworks) happens, the dog's anxiety is worse because they know that they'll be trapped and helpless.

    I'd suggest two things: get some CBD for dogs (pet releaf is a reputable brand, and a decent vet can also prescribe CBD-- dump any vet who won't as they are stuck in the past and doing the bidding of their pharmaceutical rep.) Second, have a consultation with a postive dog trainer (never ever work with a trainer who adheres to dominance theory which has been discredited for over a decade). They can help you reframe the scary situation for your dog so they learn to not fear it. Punishing a dog for bring afraid does not work but a bad trainer, and there are plenty out there, will try to convince you that you need to "alpha" your pet into being afraid to show fear.

    Good luck!
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