• Lisa's RV Experience
    Greetings, when I park in a campground for more than a few days I'm always trying to decide if I should turn my battery switch off or leave it on for the coach/starter battery. One the one side I like to be able to raise and lower my front window blind and I need the starter battery on to do that. But I'm afraid that if I leave the switch on I'll drain the battery when I stay more than a week. When I have electric service at a campground does that charge my starter battery too, like it does with my house batteries? I'm never sure.

    Thoughts? Recommendations?

  • Ray
    It's hard to know what is already installed in the motorhome, but there are isolation relay devices out there that will protect the starter battery from dropping to low in voltage but still allow it to be charged if there is extra power in the coach batteries.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Ray I do have a battery toggle switch on my RV dash that I've never tested. And when Eddie did my solar he discovered that Winnebago already had a BIM in the RV but I still don't know the answer to my question. Maybe I'll just run a test on the battery by leaving it on and testing the voltage now and when I leave Sunday and see what happens. That doesn't really tell me the answer either since I have a new gel battery. Anyway the test will be fun. Thanks for replying.

  • rsullivan25
    Hi Lisa

    We do have a class A and we do have a slow drain on the engine battery which I haven't been able to isolate.

    At first I thought it was just the battery. We had just bought our MH so I wasn't sure - as the previous owner said it was a brand new battery. But not only was it not, he also failed to mention the slow draw.

    So the first "fix" I did was to run a short piece of wire from my solar charging switch to my engine battery as all the batteries are under the same step, so that was easy and it helped me top up the battery enough to get started. Basically I just switched the solar from the house batteries to the engine battery over night and it fired up fine the next day.

    However I still am not able to find the source of the draw, so the second step I did (after I killed my brand new battery) was to get a marine style power cutoff switch and installed it by my starter battery so that I can easily isolate and save the battery. Now when we're parked for more than a few days, once we're parked, level and slide is out, my next step is to turn the switch to disconnect the battery.
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