• UncleSam
    My fifth wheel has Dexter 5200 lb. axles with easy lube hubs and its about time for bearing service. I have always disassembled, cleaned and repacked in the traditional way, and probably will this time, as its a good time to inspect and do any necessary brake service. I was watching a video (I think from
    Dexter) recently and they were showing the correct way to service the ez lube hubs. They jacked up each wheel, and with weight removed, slowly turned the wheel as they pumped in grease. After a few pumps the old grease began to show up coming out of the small holes drilled around the circumference of the hub center. A few more pumps and some wiping off and clean grease emerged. It looked so easy to an old lazy man, I tried it on a boat trailer without brakes, and it worked great. I couldn't see any grease ooze out around the seal, but I only pull it to the local lake 4 miles away and haven't done that since I greased them. I'm still a little leery about on my trailer. Anybody ever done this? Results?
  • Ray
    I usually repack by hand and inspect every 2 years and in between every year, I use the EZ Lube method you described with a hand pump. Never had any bearing issues or blown-out seals. 10 years now.
    I think the EZ lubes got a bad name when shops would use power grease guns or people would go crazy pumping way too much in without turning the wheel and blow out the back seal and soak the brakes with grease.
  • UncleSam
    Ray, Thanks for the reply, and I think that's what I'm going to try. Worst case would be forcing grease past the seals. I don't think that will be the case if done carefully, and if it happens, I'll just do the normal service. I think losing braking power would be the telltale sign of seal failure. If they were not usable as some think, I think Dexter would figure that out and stop going to the trouble of drilling all those holes in the hubs. Thanks again for your help.
  • Dhuhn
    I would not use easy lube, repack bearings by hand. Too many people blow the seals out by pumping grease in. In my opinion they should never put easy lube on these heavy trailers. Every RV forums I’ve been on most say not to use it. I’ll check and repack my bearings every year. So it’s up to you, not saying it won’t work for you but I choose to do it the old fashion way.
  • Scoob
    I use the EZ lube axles just like Ray said, Just use a hand grease gun and not a battery/air gun. If you even have half a brain and have just some mechanical ability you will be fine
    I grease them with a gun every year and every third or fourth year pull them apart the check the bearing breaks and seals. I have been doing it this way for decades and never had a single axle problem.
  • UncleSam
    Did mine today with a hand gun. Pumped it in slowly while turning the wheel, and it seemed to work fine. I stopped when I began to see red grease. I think I am a convert, for at least every other service. Thanks guys.
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