• Ryanclarke
    Having issues with my fridge running on propane. When switched to propane it switches over fine and the flame ignites but it just keeps sparking and then shuts down after about 30 seconds and gives f code. I’m guessing it’s the spark electrode just wondering if there is a way to test it?
  • Drew
    I got this from a troubleshooting site:

    For all of the codes above, the symptoms will be very simply that the refrigerator does not work properly on LP. All LP components could be the cause of this code. If the refrigerator has tried to operate on gas or LP mode and is not sensing the flame, this code will appear.

    The first thing you should do is take a look at the burner during the ignition cycle. On the burner box on the right hand side of the cooling unit you'll find a small access door from which you can see the burner/ orifice and the electrode. Turn the refrigerator to auto mode and have it running on AC. When you get to the back of the refrigerator, unplug it from the AC outlet and pay close attention to the burner/ orifice and electrode. The electrode should spark until a flame is lit and once it is, the sparking will stop. If the sparking continues after the flame is lit then your issue is either that the electrode is too far from the flame or that the flame sense circuit on the power board has gone bad.

    If you find that it sparks up well but just won't stay lit as long as it should, we highly recommend replacing the burner/ orifice. If you'd like to first try to clean it, we recommend soaking in 90% alcohol overnight and then using compressed air to blow it out. Typically that will get it to work at least temporarily and will let you know if that's where the issue lies. In many cases, cleaning the burner/ orifice does not completely solve the issue and replacement of the part is needed.

    By the way, I fixed mine by replacing the orifice, burner tube and gas valve...probably the first 2 parts were the culprits. Also, my fridge never gave any codes, it just acted the same as yours.
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