• Greg F
    Hi All. I thought I would share an upgrade we did to our Roof Air conditioner a while back. Because we wanted to run the Air through our inverter I wanted to reduce the amp surge required to overcome the locked rotor amperage needed to start the air conditioners compressor. Our 2800 watt inverter has sufficient surge capacity to work but I prefer not to run over the rated wattage even for short periods.

    In a video Ray installed a new larger start capacitor. This is a little more advanced version of a standard hard start cap.

    Here's that video

    This unit tunes itself with the first few starts reducing the required inrush amps each time. The company claims up to 75% reduction in inrush amperage. Inrush amperage can be many time more than running amperage and can create a struggle for generators to overcome, especially smaller units.

    On our air conditioner the control module locates on the opposite side of where the stock start capacitor is mounted


    A wire bundle hitchhikes across zip tied to an existing wire.


    The stock start cap is removed.


    After that it's a simple matter of following the instruction attaching the new wires to the run cap and circuit board wires.


    I have been very happy with the end result. The air conditioner starts easily through the inverter. I have heard many people that weren't previously able to start their air with a small 2000 watt generator can now start and run their air.

    Instructions for all makes and models can be found on their website. The company was extremely responsive in answering my questions before I purchased. These units aren't cheap so you may want to give a hard start cap a try first. I used a promo code from an airstream group for a discount.

  • Ray
    Thanks for this post. They have offered it to me several times for review but was hesitant and declined.
  • Greg F
    Did your experience as an HVAC professional give you hesitation as to the validity of the product and its cost?
  • Ray
    I wasn't the ex HVAC guy that is @Eddie Aileen. :)
    I just didn't like how they approached me to do a review they were quite pushy about it, didn't give me a good feeling and wasn't an item I really need very much since we spend the summers on hookups.
  • Greg F
    Makes sense. I appreciate the integrity you put into your reviews.
  • Ray
    Thanks. I may review it, lots of folks seem to be interested in them but will buy it myself, then I can take it apart see how it works. ;) Would be interesting to see how they are doing it.
  • Logan X
    I was thinking of doing this to my trailer. It would be nice to be able to run the AC off of my 2000 w Honda. Thanks for sharing!
  • Jack Tyler
    Nicely done, Greg. Thank you.

    I've now seen many reports on the Micro-Air product and I notice almost all of them tend to talk about the device making it possible to start an A/C unit with a generator when it was not previously possible, as tho' a single test tells the tale. It's not very common to read an acknowledgment that the generator engine's power is a function of where it's used, which turns out to be pretty relevant as we all travel around the country. An example: We're making a reservation in Idaho Falls right now for this coming August. It will most likely be in the 80's at that time of year (or ~30C) when the A/C is desired, and the campground's elevation is ~5700'. For those of you familiar with flying, you'll quickly recognize the problem here: a density altitude, due to that altitude and temperature, that will subtract substantial horsepower from the generator's engine. Given an approximate horsepower loss of 3% per 1000' DA, that Idaho Falls location will have an elevation the generator's engine see of ~8600' DA which will remove about 25% of the generator engine's 'oomph'. That's a lot!

    Just thought I'd toss this into the discussion so we all remember this important if inconvenient detail.
  • Shannon
    We had an EasyStart installed by the dealer on our new trailer in 2016. A few weeks ago the AC croaked (compressor failure, not EasyStart related) and we had it replaced by a mobile mechanic. The mechanic suggested that using the EasyStart would impact our AC warranty and recommended against reinstalling it. We decided to not reinstall the Easy Start until we have the time to investigate that claim.

    We liked the EasyStart. Although we have a 3000w generator it was nice not to have that loud generator whine every time the AC started up.
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