• Ray
    in this video, I update you on a problem I was having with disconnecting my new Ram A20 fifth wheel hitch. In my Review After 2000 miles Towed I noted that the hitch was finicky to uncouple. https://www.loveyourrv.com/2018-ram-3500-truck-review/

    Well, I listened to advice from several commenters and have tried a few things figuring out what I was doing wrong.
    I found out what I need to do is only lift the trailer a little way, not completely taking the weight off the hitch. Then pull the release and keep it all the way open using the retaining lever.

    Then continue to raise the trailer until the pin box and hitch just begin to separate vertically. At this point, I can pull the truck away from the fifth wheel, and the hitch jaws release easily.
  • BSides
    Thanks for sharing this, I have a Chevy 3500 with a Curt Q 20 which is basically the same 20K hitch. At times I have the same issue as you have been having. I have leaned to leave a little wait on the fifth wheel when unhooking and at time I just reach over the side and holds the handle in the release potion as I my wife pulls the truck forward. I did't know you could lock the handle in the released position like that. I will give that a try on my next unhook. Thanks again some good info.
  • Ray
    You bet, once I figured it out it's made unhooking a breeze. I also found its best for me, after chocking the trailer I put the truck into neutral briefly and let any fore or aft tension come off the hitch before pulling the handle.
  • Greg F
    Ray, It sounds like you are basically happy with the factory Mopar hitch?

    Our Ram came with the M25 which has been living in the garage. (these are much heavier than I expected removing it) :o

    We are toying with the idea of buying a 5th wheel down the road to have in addition of our truck camper. Especially for an east cost trip where we will be in rv parks mainly.
  • Ray
    Yup, easy to hitch and unhitch, smooth towing and no clanking or clunking. Works well with our setup. Has mated well with my Air Rife pin box.
    It comes apart in two pieces to make it easier to take out, still pretty heavy but I only take it out usually once or twice a year.
  • Rush and Lola
    Ray, We have the same hitch. Ours is the curt name though. When you first got it we had been setting for a while and I forgot the little things we found too. I have learn that when we are ready to unhitch if I do like you said and bring RV to a point where weight of RV is barely on hitch I make sure plate is hitch plate is level. I sometime need to either pull up a inch or back up a inch to level it then bar pulls easy like you showed. I to was standing beside truck as Lola was pulling clear and bar would close and I'd go woo Lola. She is like what you doing. I respond wish I knew. HaHa. When I learn of the other notch it was sweet. Next was when Lola backs up to hook up and the latch hasn't been picked up and placed bar back in normal position as she backs and we don't hear the click. She ask why didn't it click, I am standing there like why didn't it go green. Then I realize oh lift the lock and let bar go back in place dummy. Lola then can back and she goes I see you figured it out Dear.
    We have added Firestone bags on (Fatbaby) the dually, account the RV is close to 17000 lbs and she sags rear of truck. Lola gets in truck, pumps them up and hits the tow switch and the tranny brake switch and has it ready to go. She want drive though only on back roads in the country. Hates interstates she does. Later on.
  • BSides
    You don't lock jaws in the open position when your hooking up to tow do you? I would think locking arm in the open position would be counter productive for jaws to safely lockup for towing.
  • Ray
    Correct, only when unhooking do I use the second slot to hold the arm all the way open, before hooking I let the arm retract.
  • BSides
    Pulled my 5th wheel to the dealer to drop it off for some warranty work yesterday. I tried this and it made for such a positive and smother unhook. I kept looking at the handle and thinking maybe mine doesn't work the same. Since the notch was hidden in the handle where you can't see it. I was left thinking now why didn't I think to try that. Once again I tip my hat to you sir VERY NICE discovery.
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