• Fred
    I'm considering the weBoost Connect RV 65 and wondered if anyone is using it and what you think. It's made for stationary use and has to be set up and taken down each time, but it is more powerful than the Drive 4G-X unit. We have been staying on the Oregon coast every year near Newport and Verizon Wireless coverage is weak, so we're going to buy a booster. Thanks!
  • RVsolar
    We have the Drive 4G-X Works great the 65 sounds better.
    You cannot go wrong with weBoost.
  • Greg F
    We have a weboost but I'm not familiar with this model. Here is a link to the unit OP has described.

  • klaykrusher
    Here is another link to that shows a good comparison between the X and 65. I don't have either yet, but I'm leaning toward the OTR model verses 65 just for the setup convenience factor. If down the road I think I need the directional, then I can always add that.
    RV with Tito DIY
  • Fred
    Thanks for all the comments. If I try the 65 I'll post what I think of it
  • Al F
    Check out TechnoRV 4G-X-RV kit. Works really good to boost any cell signal. Can be temporary or permanent attached.
    Of course, if there isn't a cell signal then even this kit wont help.
  • TerryMac
    I got the 65 prior to big trip last winter. I never had any other boosters so I can't do any comparisons. Overall I am happy with it. My results have been mixed on the east coast. Too many towers and lots of trees and hills. The directional antenna (when you have it setup right) is fantastic but I am thinking about getting the OTR omni antenna and giving it a try.

    I have tried several apps to locate the proper direction and have had mixed results. When one app says point it here and another says no this way.

    When I made our way further west (Texas/Oklahoma) it worked much better, no trees, less crowded towers. We were using Verizon and in southwest Texas (Big Bend area) towers are real sparse.

    Hope this helps
  • toddleti
    We have it, worth every penny!!!
  • Willie
    We have the WeBoost OTR in our rig. Works great when there is just a hint of a cell signal. But, when we can’t pick up any signal, we leave our modern world worries behind and turn to our old fashioned books and Kindle. And no, we DO NOT have a TV. We’re retired from the hurry up world and we purposely left the idiot box behind. All it does is create stress for no reason.

    And a tip...sometimes when we have no cell signal at all, we’ll leave the WeBoost and our cell phones on overnight. Many times in the middle of the night competing cell traffic will die off and our WeBoost will connect and our email will download. But the next morning, cell traffic will pick up again and knock us off the cell grid because we’re so far from the cell site.
  • Ray
    That's a neat tip! :up:
  • Willie
    The boss lady’s cell phone plays a tone when her iPhone downloads emails. Nothing like being awakened at 3 am by a “you’ve got mail” ding! Funny story. We were in Chaco Canyon last winter. There is no hint of a cell signal in Chaco Canyon...except, as we discovered, on the Pueblo Alto Trail way up on the mesa. Must come from the Navaho Res. It’s a very freaky feeling to have your iPhone dinging and downloading email whilst walking among 1500 year old ruins. Trust me, I felt very guilty.
  • RAM Tow It
    WeBoost now has an updated/ improved product call the Drive Reach. I have just ordered it and look forward to using it. I didn't want a permanent set up and wanted something I could move to other vehicles and locations.

    Just another option,
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