• Ray
    In this first video, I unbox and do a quick test of the new Haloview MC5111 wireless RV backup/rearview camera monitor system. I show all the included parts like mounts and hookup options and give you a look at the picture quality.

    The MC5111 is comparable to the MC7108 that I’ve used during this past snowbird trip down south. The difference is the smaller display size, 5 inches versus 7 inches, and mounting options for a license plate or Furrion. (See my full review of the Haloview MC7108)

    In this second video, I review the new Haloview model MC5111 wireless RV backup/rearview camera system. I had done a review of the 7″ display version last fall and used it during our 6 month RV snowbird trip with excellent results. So, when Haloview offered to send me their latest offering of a smaller 5″ version, I was eager to try it out.

    I loved the 7″ display but found it a little large for use in our Ram 3500 truck cab, a smaller display would be welcome giving me more mounting location options. It would also give me a chance to test out the multi-display capabilities of the Haloview system. The MC5111 performed just as good as the larger MC7801 system with much the same features. The only downside is the smaller display. It’s a trade-off.

    *Fair Disclosure* I received the Haloview free of charge.
  • Eddie Aileen
    Cool video Ray, Thanks!
    Happy Trails!!! :up:
  • Logan X
    Great video! I appreciate the reviews. Thanks Ray.
  • Ray
    Thanks, next time we meet up I should do a torture test and see if these Haloview can handle a real big rig. ;)
  • Eddie Aileen
    It might get a case of "Vertigo" on the back of our "Prairie Schooner"!
    (With our size and sails we maybe a "Clipper Ship"!)
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Robert B
    I'm getting the 7108 after watching Ray's video. Hope to have it installed for our upcoming trip in few weeks.
  • Ray
    Let us know how it goes. Also if you find you need the extender antenna, let me know I have two of them now and don't find I need to use them at all on my sized rig.
  • GeekyGuy
    Just finished installing my MC5111 on my 2019, new 31 foot Cougar, which is pre-wired for such a camera. Really it's a bracket and power lead... Nothing more.

    I used the Furrion Bracket, the flat one.

    Piece of cake to install, literally plug and play.

    Looks fantastic and the image on the display is crisp and clear.

    I have a Ford F250 and did not want that big screen, the 5 inch is ideal.

    Going on a long trip soon, will report back on performance, but initial report is impressive, for half the cost of the Furrion model, well at least in Canada.
  • Robert B
    I installed MC7108 today. Had to do a some electrical work which took a while but it went mostly as planned. I powered the camera on 12 volt circuit that services the rear roof vent/fan. I added a switch so it can be turn off, if desired. It seems to have a decent signal level but I won't know for sure how good until we get on the road in two weeks. 6c043y71x5t43dq2.jpg
  • Ray
    Side Camera and Battery Pack Demo - https://www.loveyourrv.com/haloview-side-mount-rv-backup-cameras-and-accessories/

    In this video, I give you a look at three different accessories for the Haloview Wireless RV Backup/Rearview Camera System.

    First, are side mount cameras to keep an eye on blinds spots down the sides of the RV. Second is a rechargeable battery pack aimed at those who would prefer not to run power wires into the RV. And, third a bean bag mount for the Haloview LCD display for an easy install on the dashboard. I also test out the Haloview cameras night vision capabilities and video recording.
  • Greg F
    Looks pretty cool. We have the older model and it has worked great. Think I will order the bean bag thing.

    I seem to recall in an older review, maybe the first halo view system you reviewed that the side cameras could be triggered by inputs such as turn signals. Am I remembering correctly? Can you have the screen showing full screen in one mode and have the full screen change to side mode fulls screen while turn signal is on?
  • Ray
    Yes, here is the user manual for the MC7108 system https://www.haloview.com/pdf/Haloview_MC7108_User_Manual.pdf Explains the trigger wire functions.
  • Greg F
    I moved our Haloview camera from the truck camper to the fifth wheel this morning. The trailer is equipped with Furrion camera prep which is nothing more than a 12v power cable triggered by using the running lights and an attachment plate for their camera.


    It turns out that Haloview makes an adapter. :)

    Adapter bracket

    The install was pretty straight forward although getting all the cable and adaptor back through the squirrel hole and back box inside the trailer was a little tedious but looks and works great!


    After this picture everything was backed off and caulked well.
    IMG_3763 (131K)
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