• Chris McDonald
    Has anyone found a WIFI booster that actually works consistently? We all know that getting reliable WIFI in an RV Park can be a challenge. On the best weekends, signals can be weak. On a very busy weekend, even a decent signal can provide very slow internet simply because of the number of people using the system.

    If I ultimately want to be able to stream a movie or video chat with our kids, would my money be better spent looking into a good cell signal booster and a "hot spot"?
  • Rush and Lola
    I just bought a CampPro 2 from Techno RV and it works well. We watch our Amazon Fire Stick with it.
  • Cory H
    Research a MIMO system, it's more expensive, you will NOT be sorry. I have a Cel-Fi GO X and two directional antennas mounted at 45 degrees in opposite directions. It's fast, like I have seen over 40gb down fast. But, you do need some signal for the booster to boost.

    I have a 256gb flash drive full of vids for areas with no connections.
  • RVsolar
    We have the Camp pro older version it seems to work really good but if the signal of the Wi-Fi is no good to start with you're not gonna get any good signal in your camper .
    If I can afford it this is what I would get.

  • rsullivan25
    For a decent cheap 120v model check out the linksys re6400. We have that. It's been a great unit. Best of all when you are in an RV park that limits the number of connections you can have you can use it to share with multiple devices because it acts as a single device. Its also dual band so you can set it up as a bridge. This is important because at one campground we stayed at they only had a 5g network but my laptop is older so only uses 2.4g. I was able to bridge the 5 to 2.4 so our older devices could use internet. Plus on really crappy connections I would put it in a sandwich bag and hang out in a tree on an extension cord. No joke. It worked much better just giving it that extra 10 feet or so and having it outside. Also, because it's our single point if access all our devices use it. So when wet move I only have to reconfigure 1device - the booster - and not all our phones, tablets, smart TVs, smart speakers etc
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