• Al Ewers
    Hi everyone. I live in McMinnville (about 40 miles SW of Portland) and 2018/19 was my first year of snowbirding. I have a mini (6' x 12') toy hauler but it has (3) 50 gallon tanks for fresh, grey & black water so I could dry camp for a long time if I wanted to. I tried it for a while but ended up at Copper Mountain RV Park in Tacna, AZ (40 miles East of Yuma) from Dec 5 - April 2. It's a great park at only $265/mo plus electricity with the downside being an 80 mile r/t for groceries. I'm already planning on going back this Fall.

    My trailer was built by Dunesport in Mesa but I'd never give them a good reference and I added a lot of options but didn't have them finish the interior. Since it's only me in the trailer my brother built a side folding Twin size Murphy bed & I added a Langun table mount & a 24" x 36" table top. I have a huge fridge/freezer , a microwave & a gas cook top that will be removed because I never use it. Instead I'll use the space for the microwave & mount a toaster oven on top of it. I have a separate tub / toilet with a 10 gallon water heater so if I'm hooked to city water I can take long hot showers. I use the ramp door as a patio & am looking at enclosures to keep the bugs out.

    Improvements planned for this summer include more storage space inside & a large swing out storage box (like a Jeep spare tire carrier) that will span the width of the ramp door. It'l be hinged on the left side so electric cables, fresh water hoses & a host of other items will be easy to reach vs. digging them out of the pickup bed.

    Since I'm new to all of this I really look forward to learning from you.
  • Ray
    Thanks, Al, what was the average electrical cost per month when you were at Copper Mountain?
  • Al Ewers

    It's 17 cents/kwh plus a $2 reading fee and I spent $127.70 from Dec 5th - April 2. I spoke to residents with much Class A's & they said an $80 electric bill wasn't uncommon. I ran my fridge and microwave everyday but only used my A/C for a few hours the entire time I was there. With your solar setup your bill should be minimal.

    They have full hookup pull-thrus but they're normally only used for one or two nights. I have PP America and was only going to stay for 2 nights at $20 / night but after finding out a back in spot with a large patio & a parking space on the other side was only $250 I jumped on it. You get a mailbox and UPS/FedEx will deliver right to your door in you include the space number in your address. Clean showers (only used mine) decent size laundry room & it's $3 for a wash/dry load. Go in the middle of the week, first thing or last thing in the evening. Sat & Sun mid-days the laundry is usually busy.

    The well water is nasty (it's OK for showers) but they have a reverse osmosis machine at the clubhouse & you can fill containers for free. There's a brand new travel center right on I-8 & that butts against the park but it wasn't completed when I left and it'll be more convenient for propane vs a 25 mile r/t to the nearest town. Yuma is 40 miles West so double that for a grocery shopping trip. Trains run continuously about 1/3rd mile away but it's extremely (!) rare they blow their horn. If you're a real light sleep it might bother you but I got accustomed to it quickly.

    Monthly price will be $265 in 2019/2020 but it's a very nice park even if there isn't much shade. Mention my name & get 10% off the first month. I get squat.

    Tacna has a Chevron mini-mart & the gas was normally 20 - 25 cents less than the Chevron 12 miles away in a larger town. where it's currently $3.69. Cheapest regular in Yuma is currently $2.97 it's & $2.87 for diesel.

    It's currently 112 degrees at 1:30 today (12th) and if you'd like more info just cut & past the URL. https://coppermountainrvpark.com/

    I'll be there in mid-late November unless I get a temporary job with the US Census Bureau. It appears there'll be an office here in Mac & the initial online questionnaire routed me to a Supervisor application so if I have the chance I'll take the job. It's $17.50 / hr so that'd help me make even more mods to my truck and/or trailer.
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