• Sean
    Here's one for you. We have a 50 amp Surge Guard surge protector mounted in the rig. hibc4eqcv5ymdluy.jpg The surge guard tripped one night stating "ground fault". I went out, reset the breaker and all set. Now, we have been in this park for about three weeks and no issues, first time this has happened. Next day in the afternoon it trips again, same fault. Reset breaker, all set, (Noted neighbor came back with their class c). Neighbor leaves and comes back around 9:30 pm, sure enough a few minutes after they get back, surge guard trips. Went over and beat neighbor to death... kidding. Did go over and chat with them and turns out they have a 30 amp Surge Guard protector that hangs from the box. Every time they plugged in it tripped ours. They since have left and no issues. Not quite sure what was causing that deal.
  • RickB5r
    Could it be that the neighbor doesn't shut off his breaker at the box before unplugging?
  • Drew
    Not shutting off the breaker before plugging in isn't the problem (although this is a good idea for everyone). The people with the class c should try plugging in without the protector to see what happens ( provided the pedestal outlet checks out with a tester or v.o.m. My guess is there's something wrong with their rig or their surge protector. Try those things and I'm positive you should be close to finding the problem.
  • Ray
    Here is a good video on how to test outlets for various faults

  • Jake Gier
    That is very informative. I was actually shocked by the skin of my trailer about thirty years ago because of this problem in a trailer park where the hot and neutral were reversed. Luckily it wasn't raining that day.
  • Larry B
    A circuit breaker only has a reset function if you are forcing the breaker to break that is not what it was design to do. You should only reset the breaker not trip it yourself. the way I see it is all load should be shut off at the trailer before you pull the plug. At the power post.
  • Sean
    Thank you all for the feed back and video Ray. Never did find out what was causing it. I suspect they were not making sure the breaker was off before plugging in.
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