• Chris McDonald
    We have a 2012 Tango Towlight 28RLS travel trailer. Ever since it was new I have had difficulty filling the water tank. Even with the water turned on relatively low, it tends to come out of the overflow. I have tried the filler tube attachment that is inserted about 6 inches into the fill port but I still get the same result. The only way to fill the tank is to press the hose tip onto the fill port and tightly hold it there so water can’t overflow. It’s almost like I’m pressurizing the tank and working against that pressure. Is there some trick I’m missing? Filling the water tank should be about the easiest task, not a difficult one.
  • Greg F
    You might try opening a tap inside the camper (with the pump off of course) and see if giving the air another place to escape helps.
  • Colibabas
    Exactly what Greg F said. This problem came up at a rally we were at and one of my friends had the same problem. Some RV’s are not properly vented so opening your taps will vent your tank as you fill it.
  • Chris McDonald
    Thanks guys. I will give that a try.
  • Columbus
    We had the same problem and found that the tank vent Was plugged. The air needed to get out to let the water in. Check the vent.
  • Wayne In SoCal
    I solved all my fill related issues such as described (and more) with this, never tried the faucet open hack. Cut my unattended fill time by just over 1/2 too: http://www.valterra.com/product/secure-fill/
  • Chris McDonald
    Wayne - I have the same attachment and it doesn't help. Unless I hold the end of the hose up against the fill tube, water still comes out. I assumed that getting a tube down the "throat" of the fill would help but it doesn't help at all. I will try opening a faucet or two when I fill in a few days and see if that helps.
  • VW's-Travels
    Chris, You probably already know this but will throw it out there.
    In the photo, the little screen is the vent for my freshwater tank. If you have the same type of set-up I wonder if your vent line may be plugged or kinked.
    I had a similar problem with the fuel tank on my truck. It was taking me 20 minutes to fill my tank. I had a 'ell of a time figuring it out too! As it turned out the vent is routed through a filter canister above the spare tire and its vent had gotten plugged with mud.
  • Chris McDonald
    To check that would you need to remove the 3 screws and pull the filler out to check for a kink/plug?
  • VW's-Travels
    Think so. I can get to mine from behind a panel in a storage bay.
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