• Joan
    Bought a lot at a lovely Oregon Coast motor resort and have parked a Class A on it. I do not plan on moving it. I'd like to insure without collision coverage. NatGen writes those policies. However, I had a 'my' fault accident in my car...ummmm, in May. That just drives the price up. Jeepers---I'm not going to be driving my beach home! But the clincher is I went into a walk in clinic 2 days after the accident for a muscle relaxant. NatGen won't insure if there is an injury claim. I love insurance. HELP! Need to insure my little beach home without it costing a bazillion dollars!
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  • rsullivan25
    We had the same issue last fall - we lived in our class A on family property. We cancelled our ICBC insurance and got a private policy for contents etc. It was easy, at least here in BC. Not sure of other provinces. The hardest part was finding an agent who knew all about RV insurance. We've talked to many many over the years but so many of them didn't know all the in's and out's of additional RV insurance. We ended up finding an agent in Vernon, BC (close to where we were parked last winter) who knew her stuff and was able to help us find the right policy.
  • Joan
    Thanks for the reply. I tried Foremost, owned by Farmers which insures my other home and my car, but they won't drop collision. Ended up with the best deal
    from Progressive, though I am uncertain whether I've opted for the best coverage, to keep the premium down. Here I am in a gated, secure community with many 'senior' owner occupied lots and 'they've' got me worried about an uninsured driver--what--crashing into my RV. And about the possibility of my motor home rejecting its' jacks and drifting onto the lot in front of me and crashing into their RV and/or car. I'm giving myself permission to let it rest until I need to renew in a year. :razz:
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