• John612
    Ray- looking to install weboost, you still happy with it?
    -ran into a guy last year in desolation bay who installed the home version, do you think that’s a good idea or not?
    -if we install weboost, can we use one of of our phones to get Wifi? I’ve heard that using a phone is slower than buying a jet pack or something similar.

    -spent 3 nites in Browns RV park at Benton Crossing south of Mammoth on US395, some of the most beautiful views of the Sierras I’ve ever seen. Just in case you go up or down 395 next year. :)
  • Ray
    It works about as well as I described in my review. I did notice that the company has since introduced a model with a separate mast with a directional antenna, which helps with signal separation. https://www.weboost.com/products/connect-rv-65
    One thing I am noticing is less and less do I need a booster as the cell companies keep improving their cell coverage to rural areas. I only needed a booster a 1/2 dozen times this last year. By far the biggest gripe with connections is oversubscribed, slow towers, especially if you are on a lower price tier and subject to network management by the cell carrier. Pays to have several carrier options.

    Here are a few other discussions to check out-

    Thanks for the campsite tip!
  • John612
    Thanks buddy
  • Wade Norton
    Good info. Thx.
    FYI, everyone, Cherie and Chris at Technomadia have reported fairly recently that their tests show that a "mimo" antenna is better than a weBoost 80 percent of the time. It also is much less expensive, even with the cost of a 2-antenna-port hotspot. They also said their tests showed that the weBoost degraded the signal often.

    On the other hand, the gentlemen at RV Geeks told me they need their weBoost 80 percent of the time (vs. their mimo antenna). They must like extra remote sites?

    Your location when trying to get a signal is the key factor. How often are you boondocking in a really, really remote location far away from a cell tower of your provider?

    Because of the cost advantage, I've ordered the mimo to see how I do with it alone. I know I may eventually need a weBoost, or perhaps a newer technology.
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