• Lisa's RV Experience
    I'll be going to the famous Quartzsite next week and am trying to find a place with a solid enough road to take my class A (28') with tow dolly and car. I fearful about not having a turn around spot and about getting stuck!

    Any precise location recommendations?

  • RichardM
    We stayed at the Roadrunner BLM (free for 14 days) about 5 miles south of Quartzsite and the dirt roads were all solid with lots of “camp sites”. You won’t get stuck unless you really venture off into the sticks. The area has tons of space for anything you have. When we were there last month there was practically everything you could camp in and no soft ground or sand except in the washes. The LTVA areas to the north cost some $$ but you have access to water and dump stations and they are closer to town.

    BTW, I had the same concern until I got there...
  • Ray

    Here is a video I did a few years back, will give you an idea of the lay of the land. We usually camp to the north about 5 miles out of town at an area called Plomosa Rd. Firm ground, no problems, just have to watch if you start to go deeper in, there are a few dips when crossing some washes.

    I did this video out there as well. will give an idea of how uncrowded it gets later on after the big show time in January.

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  • Greg F
    We stayed in KOFA National wildlife Refuge. We stayed along Palm Canyon rd. It is about 20 minutes south of Quartzsite. Very dispersed and beautiful spots.
  • Ray
    Good tip!

    @Lisa's RV Experience Here is some information and video footage of Palm Canyon on Kofa
  • SusanAccepted Answer
    Another nod toward Plomoso Rd as we have stayed there many times. We were there this past January during the big RV show and there was still plenty of room and neighbors were far away. The ground is a hard-packed gravel and easy to drive on. Lots of room to turn around too. There are lots of spots with pre-made fire pits you can use. There is a wash back off the road, but I saw plenty of big rigs on the other side of it, so maybe it's not too hard to navigate. We like it there because it's not right in town and it's very peaceful. The sunsets are amazing too. Have fun!
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Thanks for all the great ideas, I feel much better prepared for my first time!
  • Steve Thompson
    Lisa head East on Plomasa rd for about1 mile and turn to the North off it.
    If you want to get off the paved road aways you can cross the small wash and it opens up to many possibilities. We do it every year on a class A diesel pusher that weighs in at 30,000lbs.
    Hard packed gravel so no issues.
    Safe travels...
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