What is your method of keeping track of your travels and points of interest that you wish to visit in the future? Thank you.
  • RVsolar
    hi well can't help you right now I get the summer off I don't start my cruise director duties till late September LOL.
    I just try and figure out with Google and ALstay app gas buddy.
    With Google I see what is in a area that is one tank of fuel away.
    Then use Alstay to find out if there is any
    Boondocking or camping spots near there. Then I put that back into Google and email back to myshelf .
  • Rush and Lola
    About 4 or more beers and a nice fire.
  • VW's-Travels
    I use Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Drive to keep a location spreadsheet that I share with family and friends. Did I mention Google?
    As sort of a side note, I spent a couple of hours yesterday with a guy showing me some archaeological sites with Google Maps. I got "schooled" in its functionality.
    I also use Avenza for Forest Service road use maps as well as for 7.5 min topo quads. - geo-refed .pdf's
    Most, but not all National Forest/BLM Websites have maps you can download.
  • Mary Lifeunderway
    We're new at this, so in terms of finding boondocking spots, we use a few blogs - including Ray's and WheelingIt (they're in Europe now but you can bring up old posts sorted by state). Why reinvent the wheel when we're still learning everything. Also we use Campendium to identify any type of campground, paid or otherwise.

    For places we'd like to go, I have an RV Travel folder on my laptop and I create state-specific folders in that. Then if we hear of a place we'd like to go, I research it and save the info in topical subfolders. So a file path might look like this: RV Travel > New Mexico > Boondocking > Elephant Butte State Park. Same with hiking trails, interesting little towns, whatever.

    We have not started mapping out where we've already been. I think Ray talks about this (?) in a post somewhere, and other blogs such as WheelingIt and WatsonsWander also use mapping tools to chart were they've been.
  • TCB
    Hi al, appreciate your ideas on how to keep track of everything we come across in our "research" (ie binge watching youtube). There are times when we just want something besides google. Just curious to know how others keep track of all the information that is out there, thanks again for your feed back!
  • Ray
    My trips are pretty well documented in videos and on my blog :smile: so I don't do too much else. I do use Travellers Point map and have a Google Map of places I share, mostly boondocking
    I had a guy contact me promoting an app called RV Trip Diary but I haven't tried it myself.
  • Zoom
    I have hundreds of push pins on Google Earth. Anytime I see something interesting on the Internet I look it up and save it. I have different folders to keep everything organized and easy to access. I also save web sites on the Firefox browser to access later. You can use folders under bookmarks also.
  • Angel
    I haven't retire yet so for now I am bookmarking all the great places that people recommend and put the state initials at the front to help organize by state.
  • rsullivan25
    If you have an android phone that syncs to your google account - take pictures of places you like. The photos will be synced to your photos account and should also appear in your map timeline. We do this for not only places we liked, but also good food/dining experiences :)
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Old thread but I just discovered it....

    I use Google Maps. I've created lists in "Your Places" for each state and then every time I find a place I want to visit I save it to that state list. Once I visit a place I remove the item from the list. It's handy because you have the address ready to go when you're leaving, and you can share entire lists or make them public. I have lists for Thousand Trails and the Trails Collection and now I can see, in 1 shot, where the nearest TT campground it located.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • jalandry47
    You might want to start with a state’s tourism web site.
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