• Lisa's RV Experience
    Greetings all,
    my frig is 8 cu foot and the top freezes and the bottom sweats. I was looking at YouTube and saw that someone took a little computer-looking fan and hooked it to the light to get a always on fan. I'll attached a pic of the fan from Amazon, the link is

    Does anyone think this is a bad idea? If so why? I desperately need this frig to be more even in the temperature. Any advise would be helpful.


  • RAM Tow It
    I did the exact same thing to my rv fridge. It helps but it takes several other things to keep them efficient. I your fridge is in a slide out with side vents you need a fan at each exterior vent. Also you need to have a clean door seal ( no dirt or mold) and finally, dont over pack it. Your idea will work.

    Hope this helps,
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Thanks Bryan, my frig is on a slide and of course I overpack it. :razz:
  • Ray
    Also have a quick look at the little drain hose that sticks out the vent on the outside of the rig. Make sure it is there and that inside it has a loop in the hose.
    It acts as a P trap keeping warm outside air from entering the fridge.
  • Tuxedoville
    We just got one of these little battery operated fans.
    Valterra A10-2606 FridgeCool 11.28 mA Fan with On/Off Switch
    Inexpensive does the job, very small, & batteries,st a long time. Food doesn’t freeze on top shelf anymore.
    [img]http://Valterra A10-2606 FridgeCool 11.28 mA Fan with On/Off Switch[/img]
  • rsullivan25
    I did this as well for our fifth wheel - fridge isn't in a slide however.
    I put a 12v toggle power switch on it as well, so I could turn it off when it wasn't needed. I know the fans are small and don't draw a lot of power, but if, at the end of the season perhaps, you forget to turn it off it will drain your batteries eventually
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Ohhhh, I don't seem to have a hose coming out the frig vents. I'll have to see if it's draining down. Thanks for the heads up on this one.
  • Keith
    My hose empties into a catch inside the enclosure, yours may be similar.
    If you have dirt dauber screens on your refrigerator vents, make sure you keep those clean, especially where there is cottonwood trees.
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    Keith, I think I have that. I see a hole just below the fins inside the frig, but I don't know where it goes. How do you clean it? Do I just try to pour white vinegar down it?
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    good idea on the switch. I'm rethinking the DC fan and might just go with the battery fan although they have horrible reviews and eat batteries from what I've heard. Haven't decided yet what I'm going to do, thanks for the advise.
  • Keith
    I would remove the enclosure off the back of the refrigerator outside, then add a little food color to the white vinegar, then pour it down the drain hole.
    The food color will tell you where the water is draining too. I would make sure you don't get any on your siding, as it might stain fiberglass.That said, if you see the hole and there is no standing water in it, it is probably draining fine.
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