• rsullivan25
    So we are going to spend our second full winter in Canada in our class A. Last year we were in a fiarly rural area - cold, got lots of snow. We had limited power, so had to ration our heat a bit. And we had about a month where it got below -20 C at night. But we survived. This year we are a little further south, close to a lake so should be a little warmer we hope. Last year I used reflectix to skirt/insulate our undercarriage. This year I found a deal o 3" thick foam panels. I'm almost done skirting for this year. Just have the front (motor compartment) area to do, but I don't think the foam will work there, so I'll use reflectix there and hope that's good enough!

    Just wanted to say to all the snowbirds - we envy you - maybe next year we can head south again!
  • Ray
    Yikes, I can't even imagine -20C! Guess my blood has thinned, though growing up on the west coast it never was very thick to start with.
  • rsullivan25
    Thanks! Well I just finished skirting yesterday - good thing because when I woke up this morning around 7:30 it was -10! We have another day of minus temps tonight then back to normal.

    We are about 2 weeks ahead of schedule for winterizing (compared to last year) because we knew this cold snap was coming. A few days ago it was going to be 4-5 below freezing nights which is why we got started, but now it's just last night and tonight. Bonus though is we have sunshine!

    We are in the Okanagan - Kelowna - great spot for summertime right across from a beach! not going to be as much fun in the winter though.
  • Lorraine
    We are having to hang out in BC this winter as well. Maybe we can go south in January for 3 months, but we’re prepared to not have that luxury.

    We have spent the past 7 summers in the Penticton area, but our rented house is on the Island. Now the renters are gone, we’ve come here to sell, so we are RVing in the driveway while the house is listed. At least the weather is more moderate here on the Island than the Okanagan. We just had to invest in a dehumidifier.

    Keep warm!
  • rsullivan25
    Yes that was s new investment for us this year - a dehumidifier. We've been using a dryzair dehumidifier which did remove a lot of moisture in the rig, but the little electric one we got off ebay seems to do a good job too

    this is our second winter living in our RV in Canada. We were near the Enderby end of Mabel Lake last year helping out my father in law - he's 92 but lives on his own still so he needed help with firewood, snow removal etc. This year my wife's sister takes over so we moved to Kelowna this past spring and are spending winter here.
  • PPilotmike
    I have finally escaped Michigan! Currently in Benson AZ. I pulled in a couple days ago and got a spot next to a real nice couple, when I asked if they were staying for the winter. They were on there way back to BC! I asked why and they told me they were only going to stay for the Holidays and then had an exit plan.
  • Keith
    We still have a bit to go before we head south, but I think we are prepared for the cold front coming through this week.

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