• Garth
    Anyone have experience with the haulgauge? Haulgauge.com
  • GeekyGuy
    I have one, but have not used it yet, with my 5th wheel. Leaving for our winter getaway in a few weeks and will have a chance to test it.

    Tried it with no 5th wheel attached and weight was correct, as confirmed by a weigh on a scale.

    More to follow.
  • Garth
    thanks. look forward to your comments.
  • Ray
    I think I remember they wanted me to review the product a while back last summer but was stationary at the time. It will be interesting to see if it's worthwhile.
  • dnoordhoff
    Checked this out at Amazon.ca, costs $139 with 2 day free shipping for Prime members.

    Ratings are low in number (5 reviews, all since August 2019 and 2 ratings) but promising to say the least, scoring 4.8/5, including 4 reviews at 5/5. A single review (scoring 4/5) was because the user was disappointed the device rendered another OBD device plugged in the same time inoperative, but this is true of all OBD devices (according to Haulgauge Support which commented on the rating).

    I am concerned as my tow vehicle is a 5th generation 2019 Ram 1500 Sport, and that specific model is not sold in the US (it also has a 22" wheel option). I am going to write the company with my VIN number, and ask them if they believe the Haulgauge will work with my specific truck. If they respond affirmatively, I see no reason not to buy it.

  • Augie
    I have one, takes some work to set up and I am not done yet, it did a great job of computing the truck weight but the TV/TT combination was way low, ~20% low. I wrote to the company and they gave me some things to try but I haven't had a chance to try them again. In hindsight I don't see the value given the effort and problems I am having with it. Cat scales far easier. If you want more details ask.
  • Jetlag
    I used it a couple times with no problems. I used the payload for carrying dirt and the tongue weight when working on my buddy's boat trailer. He later was able to get a scale and said we were very close in the tongue weight.

    Some info on it...
  • Edward
    I have one and have only used it for cargo so far. Hoping to get 5th wheel next yr and hoping it will work with it. The calculation for the truck was right on. Had weighed it already. Added what I estimated to be about 1,000 lbs and it showed a 930 lbs added so I think it was working well. Didn’t have a scale to check that yet but will when we add the 5th wheel. The only problem that I had happen was I left it in the OBD port for some time I came out one morning and the info screen had gone blue. Thought oh know , have to go to dealer and get fixed. Then I was like what have Iv’e done lately and I remembered I have the HaulGauge still in OBD port. So not even thinking that was going to make a ding dong. I turned truck off, removed it and started truck back up and , oh yea , info center back to normal. Sweet. So now after I use the Haul Gauge I do not leave connected anymore. That’s all the experience I have with it so far.
  • Garth
    Apparently Curt bought Haulgauge & rebranded as Better Weigh
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