• Brian H
    Hello all,

    I've got a persistent dripping from the lower corner of my fifth wheel front cap, under the corner trim. It appears to be fresh water. I'm assuming it must be from the bathroom on the upper level, as there would obviously be no path for fresh water from the lower level to get up there.

    That said, I'm not seeing any leaking from any connections, including the shower, no water running down pipes, no leaks from drainage, nothing. No evidence of leaking in ceiling in basement, front compartment, propane compartment, or anywhere else.

    There is a break in the caulking on the upper side of the trim where its dripping, and this is directly under the gutter. We had some hard rains after which I noticed the drip, but that was a few weeks ago. I thought a pocket of water may have developed from that, but it continues to drip pretty consistently. Caulking around the cap appears to be good.

    I'm out of ideas.

    Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

  • Mary Lifeunderway
    If it's not raining, and you turn off the water (I'm assuming you're on water hookup and not your fresh tank) does it stop?
  • John J
    Maybe if you could include some pictures, we could get a better idea of your configuration and situation. Without some visual, it's like troubleshooting with our eyes closed.
  • Brian H
    OP here. Just to circle back to provide an update: on further exploration, I now believe I'm dealing with an exterior leak somewhere around the cap. I've identified a couple of spaces where the original caulking may not have been applied evenly and might be a place for water intrusion. Looks like a full recaulking around the cap is in order. Seems like the simplest explanation and hopefully the correct one. We'll see. Thanks for your attention!
  • Greg F
    If you have any insert trim on your camper don't forget to check it. I did a write up on this which is located here.

  • Brian H
    Thanks for that. I think that may be the exact problem on mine. I'll need to pull that channel trim and hit those screws as you did. Need to work on it when the weather breaks again. I like Ray's eternabond solution, at least for the top seam.
  • Gary Steffen
    Brian, I had the same problem with my cap on out Travel trailer. I removed as much of the old caulking as possible and caulked the entire seam.. Unfortunately we noticed an odd smell the weather warmed up. Finally had a reliable rv repair man take a look . Together we removed the entire cap and found some dry rot under it. This fellow is a good friend and knows what he is doing so the job was reasonable price. Took about 8 hours total. Total cost with materials $400.00.
  • Rush and Lola
    I went and had a RVROOF sprayed on my roof to prevent the slacker inability to put our rv together and the elimination of climbing up and cleaning the roof twice a year.dc1oe430uno0cp6k.jpg
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