• Ray
    Spent the day in Los Algodones, Mexico with thousands of other snowbirds, great tacos and cheap dental. :) But, man that's some wild looking pole wiring! haha

  • RVsolar
    Got love Mexico
  • Laurence
    Electricians ? Electricians , we don't need no damn electricians ! LOL
  • Tim Bowman
    That's a mild cluster compared to others we've seen elsewhere in the world.
  • Jetlag
    You shake your head when you see a rats nest of wires and then you see them doing maintenance or just call it "just adding more wires"

    I took this picture of pole maintenance in Mumbai.
  • Stephen H
    Ray, going to be in Yuma next week, How was the dental service? Did you book ahead of time? How was the border lineup coming back into US?
  • rsullivan25
    Hi Stephen. We went down a couple years ago from Canada specifically for dental. A lot of Canadians and Americans do this. You will find the better/most popular dentists are booking a week or more out. So yes you'll want to do your research and get recommendations, then book ASAP.

    Crossing the border is quite easy. What you'll probably want to do is pay for parking on the American side and walk across. As long as you are going back before too late (later afternoon into dinner time seems to be the busiest time to cross back) it doesn't take too long.

    For example, we had to go down 2 or 3 times over the course of about 10 days. Our first appointments were earlier - 9 AM so going to and coming back was quick. We had a mid afternoon appointment and we stayed for a late lunch after that and walked back around 4:30. Here we waited about 45 minutes in line before crossing customs.

    Final appointments were around 11 AM - again no problems crossing in and back.
  • Ray
    We just headed over and got free checkups in a couple of hours. We will book our return appointment. Thing is its Mexican time so be prepared to wait, usually this time of year they are really busy, so often fall behind. Coming back at 2 pm we had to wait 2 1/2 hours in the border line-up. In the past it has varied from 1/2 hours to 2 hours, just never know. But it seems busier down there this year.
  • Ray
    I went in for a root canal, post, and temp crown today. I had my appointment at 10 am and was finished by noon. Line up to leave was about 1/2 hours. Headed back tomorrow to get the permanent crown.
  • Stephen H
    Thanks for info Ray
  • Ray
    Got my new crown put on today, 10 am appointment was finished up by noon and the border crossing was about 15 minutes. So good to get the early appointments.
    A root canal plus post for the crown to go on was - $300
    Zirconia Crown $300 so $600 total, they say it has a 4-year warranty.
    I went to Castle Dental, very new offices, lots of young dentists that speak decent English and the latest equipment. Looking to go back next year for some more crowns. https://castledentalgroup.com/
  • RVsolar
    keep on chomping
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