• Ray
    In this video, I show you a new gadget I purchased for our 2018 Ram Cummins diesel truck. The product is called a BlueDriver OBD2 Pro scan tool.

    The Bluedriver hardware plugs into the trucks OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) port and sends data from the truck's computer via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet app.

    The app contains a ton of diagnostic tools and information. However, the main reason I wanted it is to be able to read Check Engine codes and use its live gauges to report my Turbo/Exhaust Gas Temperatures. Something my stock truck gauges don't report.

    Hopefully, it will help me keep my engine running cooler and lasting longer.
  • Craig Mckenzie
    Great idea. Just make sure when in British Columbia you don’t look at your cell phone sitting on your dash or cup holder. It’s a $368 fine. In the last 2 weeks 2 people have been fined for just looking at there phones which were upside down. So be aware
  • Ray
    Yeah, that's pretty picky, I wonder what a cop would think of me. When towing I have a GPS, tire pressure monitor display, rearview camera display and now extra gauges to look at.
  • Craig Mckenzie
    It’s always nice to have extra gauges to look at.
    More information when driving is good
  • Greg F
    Since they put a sensor on the turbo it would be nice if they put gauge in the truck. Our ram has a plethora of info that can be displayed on the dash. I would put EGT up there with coolant and oil if you are towing with the kinds of loads they advertise. I'm sure the sensor is there to defuel when things get hot but it would be nice having that info on tap in the cab without having to buy more stuff and use your phone for a gauge. At least the sensor is there. Back in the day you had to drill a hole very carefully to keep shavings out, tap and install the sensor. I wonder what is made aftermarket as a stand alone gauge that would work with the factory sensor.
  • DHN
    I was using the Torque Pro app and a OBD2 bluetooth reader on my 2014 F250 gasser it was working great. I have tried to use it on my new GMC 3500 SRW diesel, but have not got it adjusted to get the correct readings yet. I like being able to look at the readings at a glance, not having to scroll through a menu on the dash to find temps and other readings.
  • richard kanatzar
    that looks pretty cool Ray. I have a ' scan gauge' which is good . Yours looks like it does a lot more
  • Jetlag

    "I'll lay the ipad down there" You'll be fined and fines are just the upfront cost. I believe we also get points so when you renew your license you'll pay for them too. It must be attached and hands free only...from what i understand.


  • Ray
    Thanks I've seen some of the news reports, people getting fined for having a phone in a cup holder.
    I'll risk the fine, I think pulling a big fifth wheel you'd have to be doing something pretty blatant to get pulled over. I think most of that is aimed at city drivers texting and stuff.
    Since I never tow alone, my answer could be Anne, my navigator, is using the iPad, I could velcro it on the floor, now its attach. ;)
  • Keith
    Nice tool, thanks for the video Ray.Love the information I can get on my 2016 Ram 3500 with it, might have to get one after the first of the year.
  • TCB
    Have the Blue Driver now for several years, works great love how useful it has been in monitoring live data and troubleshooting. Yes they fine you in California if your hand is anywhere near a cell phone. Problem solved by mounting it out of sight.
  • Gardner
    I just installed a Banks iDash 1.8 in my 2006 Chevy 2500HD Duramax. Mostly for the code scanning and clearing but it will also control the turbo brake from Banks as my truck is too old to have that feature from the factory. I have it mounted in a gauge pod near the a-pillar.
  • Ray
    A quick update on the Bluedriver OBDII reader I bought a few months back. So far it has been performing as expected, no complaints.

    I mainly use it to monitor our Ram 3500 diesel engine exhaust temps and check if there have been any trouble codes reported. Bluetooth connection has performed well with my Android phone and tablet as well as our older iPad.
  • UncleSam
    A question for Ray but I don't know how to make the nice little red arrow with the name. Anyway I am interested in the Blue Driver, mainly for egt readings, but I don't know if my 2016 truck has the sensor to supply exhaust gas data. I even called and talked to a technician who told me yes after some searching but didn't seem real sure of himself. My truck is a cab and chassis with a flatbed. I think the tuning is a little different on the c&c models, but sensors should be the same. Did your information included with the scanner give any indication as to which year models support this feature. Thanks,
  • Ray
    Is it a Ram Cummins? Being that new if the sensor is there the BlueDriver should be able to pick it up. My Ram actually has 5 exhaust sensors and the BlueDriver displays live data on them all.
  • UncleSam
    Yes. I forgot to mention that important bit of information. I've had them since 1999 and towed trailers for our business. Super service out of them. Seven of them I think, and I am a big fan. I didn't know if the Blue Driver would work on mine or not, and must not have contacted their best technician. Hoped you (or anyone) could shed some light. Converted Chevy guy. Thanks for the quick reply.
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