• RetiredTraveler
    I want to do a follow up on Ray’s September 21, 2019 YouTube video, “RV Fresh Water Tank was Falling Out!”. I have a 2018 Starcraft 22BUD that I’m getting ready for an Alaska trip this summer (virus permitting). During an inspection of my undercarriage I found the brackets of all three of my tanks held on with self-tapping sheet metal screws. I also have a friend with a 42’ toy hauler made by a well-known manufacturer lose one of his tanks on IH70 outside of Denver. I recommend that everyone inspect their tanks. It was a very easy process replacing the screws with bolts. Just remove one screw at a time, drill out the hole and install a nut and bolt. If you can’t get a wrench on the nut due to tight quarters, in some cases the General Motors U nuts worked. You can find them at the big box store or amazon, part number: GM 1494253 . Thanks Ray. I would not have thought to inspect that.
  • Willie
    If you can’t gain access to the back side of your frame, think about going with a Rivnut. A Rivnut is an internally threaded fastener, a tubular rivet with internal threads. You simply drill an oversized hole, insert the Rivnut, then use a tool to expand the back side of the Rivnut’s body to fill the hole and give you what is essentially a permanently mounted nut.

    The body of my RV is foam core fiberglas. I installed airline seat brackets in my storage area to secure loads. I simply drilled through the inside fiberglas layer, inserted a Rivnut, then expanded the backside of the nut with a tool. I then had a stainless steel threaded “bolt” imbedded in the skin of my RV to which I bolted the aircraft seat track. That way my spring loaded tie downs can be moved about the track as needed.

    Check YouTube, there are a bunch of videos that explain how to use them.
  • Nitehawk
    I did a complete inspection.. I pulled down the whole underbelly while I installed a lippert auto level system on my trailer. While I was at it I reinforced all the cross brackets and braces... then I took self tap 3/8 screws and put the underbelly all back. Should be good for a few yrs. But if a problem does occur I have access to it now
  • Rush and Lola
    Sounds like you had fun.
  • Lorraine
    A couple of years ago we had one sticky brake on the 5th wheel so we took it in to a reliable RV repair shop Near where we were at the time. When they had finished, Greg crawled under to check the work. He discovered the wood brace underneath our water tank was broken and the tank was partially being held in place by all the hydraulic lines. This was serious because we always travel with at least a half tank of water. He was able to repair that ASAP before we had a disaster.
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