• Ray
    Our mandatory 14-day self-isolation ends today. We both feel fine, so that's a good thing. It will be nice to at least go for a little walk now.
    I guess maybe I should shave! ;)

  • Greg F
    We have been holed up in the sticks and bricks since leaving Death Valley almost a month ago. We are pretty fortunate to live out in the country so getting out for hikes and walks isn't a problem. One thing for sure is that our house and yard are usually kept up now. :smile:

    Our stores are reasonably stocked up. We are definitely missing our normal travels but glad to be relatively unaffected so far. We feel for those in the more highly populated areas that are struggling.

    I say let the beard go for a while unless there is undue pressure coming from the boss. :wink:
  • VW's-Travels
    I think you look like 'Dr. Ray' - now that you have had a couple of weeks to finish up your dissertation. :)
    Had things gone to plan I'd be in the middle of a stay in Valley of the Gods. But? Maybe next month.
    I'm just pretty happy that AZ didn't close RV parks and that I have a place to stay connected - in one spot. I've had the time to work on a couple of projects that I've managed to put off for a year or two as well.
    Thankfully there's some light way down there at the end of the tunnel. Just hope it's not another train.
  • Logan X
    I’m glad to hear you are healthy and out of quarantine Ray! We are in a fairly large city, Long Beach CA, so we are trying to be careful and keep our distances. My wife is home with four kids (3-14). My job is essential so I’m still working. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone who is struggling.

    Like Greg, we’re getting a lot of home and yard maintenance done.
  • RVsolar
    We have been doing great even after the 6 nights of -20c in a 5 wheel.
    The local paper came out to do a story about us. We are on day 11 just about there.
  • Eddie Aileen
    Wow Ray, you look like a logger! Happy to see you two made it out the other side.
    We are "Home On The Range" up here on Kim's high flat top here in east central Arizona.
    Away from all the crazy panic in the towns below. We are Off-Grid 16 miles from the nearest paved road, self-Quarantined on endless acres of wonderful wild country.
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Ray
    That's a good spot for sure. Stay safe
  • RVsolar
    Sure a nice place just think we as full timers
    We do this isolation as a normal practice .
    Be safe keep the sunny side up !
    Just finished. our isolation Moving over to grandkids !!!!
  • TerryMac
    Glad you all made it OK!!!

    When we got ejected from our campground (it was our last day anyway but everyone else had to leave.) in Monument Valley and getting cancellation notices from future parks (mostly state parks and COE), we bailed and burned it for home (South Carolina). 2000+ miles in 7 days was not a lot of fun.

    Got home on March 29th so this Sunday will be our 14 days. I hadn't been worried about it but will have to go out for supplies next week. We still had some staples in the RV but the sticks and bricks need some work after we had been gone for months.

    Of course No one seemed to think that staying in a campground or boon dock site for 14 days was a good idea except maybe Georgia, they are using some of their parks for quarantine sites.

    My biggest problem is trying to determine just exactly what is essential about keeping the nearby golf course in full swing, multiple people in the same cart, groups standing round on tees and greens, taking turns holding the flag etc.

    They say that this next week will be one of the worst so everyone still be extra careful!
  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I've been in Mesa, AZ for 3 weeks on Monday. Encore (TT membership addon) extended my 2 week free stay to 4 weeks so I leave on April 20th heading for NM and the north for the summer. Mesa is kind of crazy, lots of people still out and about and WAY too close to you. Even the older folks in the park I'm in don't seem to understand what 6' (2 m) is; I have to keep reminding them to "back up!" I'm kind of looking forward to heading north where there are less people.
  • Willie
    I’ll go against the grain and be the skunk at the picnic. 1,700 cases here in a county of 3.5 million. We are locked down hard, no fishing, no boating, no parks are open, no beaches open, no trails open, no schools open, USFS has closed all trailheads and campgrounds. Businesses going bankrupt, lots of people out of work.

    Could we have controlled this thing if we had simply masked up early, went into hyper clean mode, and practices social distancing without going so overboard? I’m getting the feeling that we burned down the house just to kill a spider.
  • Ray
    I was listening to this podcast last night, the guy had some interesting points on why this virus is so bad. https://youtu.be/iyYucZkfIkA?t=2513
  • Willie
    Ray, I agree the virus is bad but is the reaction by our politicians and health officials the cure that kills the patient by 1,000 cuts?

    Could we have done something different and less costly to both budgets and civil liberties? Is there a reasonably safe space between doing nothing and shutting everything down?
  • Ray
    From what I gather they have been running virus outbreak models for years knowing this would likely eventually happen and figure the best course of action was to shut down, You got to think the alternative was going to be pretty grim. No one wants to make a wrong call and kill millions in a short period of time.
    I guess you can look at Scandanavia for possible comparison. Denmark and Norway lockdown whereas Sweden didn't taking a more lax approach. Guess time will tell.
  • Angel
    Glad to hear you can finally get out an about Ray!
  • Doug Schneider
    Glad you survived the quarantine. We are working on week 4 of work at home, Getting used to it. Lost our spring vacation and hoping not to lose anymore. RV is stuck in storage at the local fairground, Won' t be able to get it home until the state lifts the order. Take Care. Be Safe
  • Eddie Aileen
    You Bet! We miss you two northern friends!
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Eddie Aileen
    Wow! You are unscathed................ :joke:
    Happy Trails!!!
  • Randy Vallis
    Check out this site https://ncov2019.live/data and I think to story of lock down becomes evident. The world has changed in some many ways and its results will be lasting. On the upside our environment has had a brief reprieve. Rv
  • Logan X
    it will be interesting to see how the world has changed from all of this. My sincere hope is most of the change is for the better however, I’m not holding my breath.

    I’m curious what you mean when you say the environment has had a reprieve?
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