• Lorraine
    Thanks for the invite Ray - you know we always appreciate your wealth of RV knowledge, videos and reviews. Greg & I are Canadian, from Vancouver Island, started RVing in October 2011 and have been Fulltime since June 2012. We do still own our house which has been rented, but we spent 3 years managing a BC provincial campground and we are beginning year 4 now, managing a small RV park at a golf course outside Penticton. We have a 2009 33 ft Cedar Creek Silverback 5th wheel towed by a 2004 Dodge 3500 dually. Here we are in Capitol Reef, Utah, a few years ago.

  • Logan X

    Welcome to the forum from California!
  • Ray
    I keep waiting for a wall of water to show up behind the rig. :gasp:
  • Brian
    Welcome aboard! Any estimates on how much you spend a year? We’re thinking about full timing and have read many of the other sites, you tubes, etc but the more input the merrier!
  • Lorraine
    Brian - what each Fulltimer spends per year is pretty much as relative as what each couple spends living in a house. Of course there will be fixed costs like insurances and any other fixed costs each may have, but costs for repairs/upkeep will largely depend of your RV, it's age and it's usage. We have put about 80,000 miles on our 5th wheel since we purchased it in September 2011. Because of the miles per year, we have the bearings repacked and the brakes checked each fall. We are ready for our 3rd set of tires. Greg does constant maintenance on the RV himself, so we don't need to pay for a tech. And then there is our income. We have a limited amount of pension and we try to stay within that, as anyone would do with a paycheque. For the past 6 years (and again this year) we have managed first a provincial campground for pay and now an RV park for pay as well as getting our free site. That has helped with the income. Best advise is add up what you know for sure (food, inusurance, etc), and what you estimate for things like RV parks, propane, electric, fuel, and allow for repairs, replacements etc.
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