• Ray
    In this video, I review a 50L mobile AC-DC fridge/freezer, model F40C4TMP from a company called BougeRV. The product was mainly of interest to me for off-grid camping (aka boondocking). Since it is capable of operation using 12VDC or 24VDC power is could be ideal.

    A way to complement our existing RV gas fridge providing more fridge and freezer capacity, fewer trips to town to stock up on fresh food. Also could be handy for extended RV parks stays to purchase bulk deals. RV OEM freezers are notoriously small.

    Overall the product performed as advertised cooling down to a low of -4F (-18C). The temperature is digitally controlled via a touch keypad. In my tests, the power draw averaged around 30 watts. Low enough to not be an excessive drain on most people’s RV off-grid systems or a car alternator/battery during road trips.


    Low Power Draw (60 watts max)
    Works on 120 VAC and 12/24 VDC
    Cools to -4F (-18C) Down to 32F (0C) in less than 30 mins.
    Two cooling compartments 40L Freezer 10L Fridge
    Strong spring-loaded handles
    Vehicle Voltage Protection
    Quiet running at 45 dB
    Shockproof for mobile operation
    LED interior lighting
    Small size 26″x15″x21″
    Includes wire storage basket
    Cost $349 on Amazon


    No mention of warranty that I could find
    Not a recognizable brand name
    Some of the fit and finish is not great
    The sponge-like lid seal looks cheap
    Lid catch is made of plastic
    Manual English is poor
    Black color

    I plan to use the portable fridge 24/7 this summer and will come back with an update. To be honest. I’m skeptical of its long term performance, but we will see.
  • Greg F
    Nice video. We are in the market for something like that. There seems to be quite a few to choose from.
  • Ray
    Thanks, another plus I didn't think of - if the main RV fridge packs it in at least we will have a fallback.
  • Sky3918q
    Look at the Engel brand. Excellent product a little pricey. Have used 2 for over 2 years as a freezer and not one problem
  • Ray
    Build quality looks much better and appears it would be much more rugged. Much heavier though, says 65.6 lbs, guess that is the trade-off.
  • Ray
    Nice! But I guess it should be for the money. Kind of in the same price range as the Truma - https://shop.truma.net/collections/truma-refrigeration-systems/products/truma-cooler-c44-single-zone-portable-fridge-freezer
  • Drew
    Hi Ray,

    That weight was for the bigger one- the 45 litre one is 49 lbs. Those young campers in the video were a riot. Also, I like the optional case cover that you could get with the larger model. Frige cover
  • Greg F
    We ended up going with the ICECO VL60 dual zone fridge as featured in the video above. It was something I had my eye on as it is pretty well priced compared to the competition. It arrived last night extremely well packaged with added foam around the already well packaged cardboard container. I plugged it into 120v power in the house and in a couple hours it was down below freezing. It looks like a well made unit.

    This morning I installed it into the trailer up in the front compartment where the stock batteries would have gone and tied into the 12v power on the jacks/slides busbar. The unit came with both a 120v cord and a 12v cord with a cig lighter. I cut that off and added some ring connectors. I also added some angle to keep it from sliding around.

    It is using 50 watts with the compressor running both zones. Not sure what it will use over time after the compressor starts cycling. It is in the high 90's this week so It will get a good test.

    So far very pleased. We don't plan on getting in and out of this everyday. It will be a place to store bulk foods especially meat. In our last couple of trips out into the desert we had difficulty finding fresh produce and meat. This will allow us to stock up when we can. As Ray mentioned above it also gives us a back up to our Norcold ammonia absorption rv fridge which doesn't enjoy the finest reputation for reliability.

  • RVsolar
    wow nice clean bays lol guess I should get busy!!!
  • Ray
    Nice, looks like it's meant to be there. I like the lid hinges much better than the one I reviewed.
  • Leftie Canuk
    We spent the money on an Engel, with an additional removable top compartment in 2005, and it is still going strong. It's so old, they don't make our model any more ! It will run as a fridge, freezer, or both, with the upper compartment installed and a layer of cardboard (their recommendation) separating the two sections. It draws little power, runs on 12 VDC or 120 V AC, and is heavy but rugged. I strongly recommend the Engel brand, if you are looking for longevity and reliability.
  • Greg F
    Yea, it's is built like a tank. Too big IMO if you wanted to tote it around with you.
  • Greg F
    Clean and new now, give me a few months of dry camping. :halo:
  • Ray
    In this video, I update you on how the F40C4TMP portable fridge/freezer has held up and performed after running for the last 3 summer months.

    I also let you in on a sneak peek at a couple of upcoming videos. Outland propane fire pit review and my EZ Snap RV skirting installation.

  • Ray
    In this video, I update you on the current performance and overall condition of the 50L BougeRV portable AC/DC fridge freezer combo unit. First, I test the fridge function using the 12V power plug powered via my Bluetti AC200P portable power station.

    Then I try it with AC power from the camper testing out the deep freezer operation. I also pull the cover and give you a look at the condition of the inner workings, such as the electric controller, compressor, condenser, and fan.

    Overall it's still in good shape after a year of moderate use and continues to cool well with a relatively low power draw. I was able to freeze a large jug of water solid overnight.

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