• Greg F
    I'm sure some of you experienced towers wouldn't have been so nervous backing into this spot.

    This was our first mini trip to shake things out before we hopefully head out in late July for a longer trip. I have little experience towing anything this large. Ski boats, flat towing a jeep and utility trailers is about it.

    I booked 3 nights at a local campground. Online they listed the spot for over 40 foot trailer. No pictures. When we got there the spot was tight in-between trees and a narrow busy road. :gasp:

    I was able to land the trailer without incident but the guy next to me as well as the camp host spectated and I got an clapping ovation once I was off the road. The cars that were waiting while I blocked the road also seemed to appreciate me getting my butt out of the way. :grin:

    The spot also had a side slop so I got a chance to try out those leveling ramps I made just before the trip. Glad I had them, I didn't have nearly enough lego leveling blocks. Others than that things went well. The spot was so shaded I didn't get a chance to test the solar out well but I can do that at home.

    Back at home base for now. Hopefully our reservations will hold for our South Dakota / Wyoming trip in a couple weeks.

    Whew... I know with time I will improve my backing up skills but hopefully things won't get tighter than this.



  • RVsolar
    I have been pulling trailers for over 30 years had this happen few weeks new drive way very wet and soft.
  • Greg F
    Ouch! Hopefully the damage was limited to the truck fender? Hate to see that. :worry:
  • RVsolar
    Looks like it was on the fenders but it was not no damage just my ego LOL
  • Ray
    Always nice when you can impress the peanut gallery. :up: :grin:
  • Logan X
    nice job and that looks like a great site!

    A couple of unsolicited backing tips for anyone who is interested...

    -Pull forward more than you think you need to before backing up

    -“Crowd the hazard” which means get real close to the side of the road that the campsite is on so you have plenty of room for the front end swing of the truck

    -Make small steering adjustments.

    -When backing in a straight line, watch your mirrors. As soon as you see the trailer enter a side mirror, turn the steering wheel toward that mirror until the trailer disappears (or the trailer is maintaining the line you want).

    -Don’t let the peanut gallery get to you
  • Dhuhn
    Greg dont let people that are waiting make you move faster you will only make a mistake. Take your time they can wait and you will have peace of mind that you didn’t hit anything and damage your rig. Also if you need help from others dont be afraid to ask most people will be more than happy to help. I for one will ask first if they want help, if they do i will help if they dont want help i walk away.
  • Bill Adkin
    A few years back on one of our first trips in our 5th wheel we were in Oregon in a very tight and tiered campground with the added issue of stone wall lining the tight driveway. Of course we arrived at dinner time so everyone was out and got to see the show, much to my surprise (and everyone else's) I made it in one try with no problems, the people next to us applauded and said they had taken 30 minutes and several tries to get into their site, he said when I was unhooked the first beer was on him. So with my inflated head and ego I confidently unhooked and leveled the trailer, hooked up the sewer hose and water all the while anticipating the cold beverage to follow ( and the inevitable back slapping!) With all that done my last task was to put the slide out......Yup had parked too close to the electrical post, couldn't extend the slide :( Half an hour later and three feet to the left the slide opened...finally got the beer.. just didn't taste as good as I had expected.
  • Greg F
    Thanks for the comments. We have several sites booked for our upcoming trip. None look difficult so hopefully I can continue to improve my skillset slowly. lol
  • Willie
    Nice backing job Greg F and RVSolar, I was so impressed by your 1,000 watts of solar power on the roof that I didn’t even notice you were stuck!!
  • RVsolar
    Thanks but it is 2880w of goodness .
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