• Greg F
    Just spitballing here. Has anyone used a powered fan for their septic vent?

    In the past septic odor has been one of those things we have just learned to deal with using chemicals to help mask the odor.

    I have also seen products like the siphon 360 vent cap designed to help pull air out through the roof vent.

    Like this.


    and this


    Both presumably rely on at least some wind to function.

    Has anyone installed an actual powered exhaust motor like this?


    Link to powered air blower

    It seems that this would do a superior job venting the tanks.

    I haven't even looked to see what would be involved but I know there is a shared roof vent for all the septic tanks so it would also help the grey tanks odor control as well. The pump would be switched to run when wanted. Perhaps even a speed control could be wired in.

    Thoughts? Experiences?
  • Ray
    It doesn't get super hot up here on the BC coast but it's actually been between 80 and 90F the last few days and no smells at all. I have the 360 siphons installed and haven't put any tank treatments in the tanks for a couple of months now. On full hookups, so I just make sure to use lots of water. The longer I full time the more I think tank treatments actually disrupt the natural bacterial growth that deals with breaking down the waste. Unless boondocking and trying to conserve water, then they can help with that super concentrated waste we end up with. But take what I say with a grain of salt as we don't get anywhere near the heat you folks get down there in the summertime. :)
  • Colibabas
    I agree with you Ray. We haven’t used any tank treatment for the last 8 of 10 years of fulltiming. Save your money.
  • Garth
    I've used the 360 for about 7 years & have no odour problems. Prior installing there was always random odours
  • Drew
    I've got 2 of the "360 Siphons" and I still get occasional smells. The product claimed that you could even turn on the bathroom fan and you wouldn't smell anything.- This proved wrong right away. Save your money and leave the stock ones there, I don't think there's any difference frankly. Maybe the ones with a "wing" work better but I was hesitant to get something with moving parts that could jam.

    About the powered device- that is a boat bilge blower, and they do work fine in that application. The other one I've seen is a small round thing that has a solar powered motor, and another one that you could hard wire from running wires down the vent to somewhere. I personally wouldn't mess with any of them again.
  • Columbus
    We have two 360 sophisms in our trailer and don’t have any problem with odor since we changed to them. I do think that the vent pipe is to far down in the tank which closes it off some times.
  • Al F
    I changed all 4 of my vents to the 360 Siphons and the odor issue went away. We live in Central valley and temperatures have been 97-100 for a couple weeks now. No odor.
  • Greg F
    Thanks for the responses. I might try the siphon 360, it's quick and cheap. We typically are good for about 5-7 days and then it starts to get stinky especially when it's hot out. That was on the last 3 campers we don't have enough time in the new one to see what happens, just thinking ahead and appreciate everyones responses.

    Our 3 tanks are all tied into one stack/roof vent so the powered exhaust seemed like a reasonably easy fix and I may still try it out or build my own low pressure fan system that is quiet and provides just enough to vent better.

    We left our house few days ago for a 3 month or so trip out to South Dakota and have booked almost all our stays. Most are 3-7 days, a couple longer. We will just tough it out with chemicals on the last couple days before dumping. Our trip concludes down the Pacific coast so cooler weather on the way.

    Been warmish so far, we are at Fremont Indian State Park in Utah and heading towards Capital Reef and Arches NP where more hot weather ensues. :sweat: So far we have been loving the empty campgrounds though. :)

    Peace and safe travels!

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