• Ray
    Spent today installing the JT's Strong Arm Jack Stabilizers on our Cougar fiver. Should keep me out of the dog house when I practice my break dancing at 6:30 AM. ;) https://www.loveyourrv.com/JTStongArm
    Will have the install video out this weekend. Cheers! Ray

  • RVsolar
    looks like great kit.
  • Dhuhn
    Ray you will love having these on your rig. Had them on my previous rig before I had 6 point leveling system. It’s amazing how must more stable your rig will be. Enjoy Dan
  • Jefferson
    DW and I are testing out our newly installed JT Strongarms on our 36' 2015 5ver with standard electric jacks. Wife says she can hardly feel it when I fall down the stairs... (I sleep at the other end, cause I snore). :grin:
    I was planning to put those on when we get back to Arizona. I spoke to someone who tried everything else and was happy to say the strongarm worked the best. Looking forward to the install and the follow up review in the future
  • Ray
    When choosing which Lippert Components (LCI) RV products I would like to install and review the JT's Strong Arm stabilizers were high on the wishlist.

    I'm an early riser, and my lovely wife Anne isn't. It's always been a bone of contention. So, I've learned to move slowly around the shaky RV during the morning to limit its movement. Trailers are notorious for rocking around on the narrow front landing gear and rear jacks, especially when the wind whips up.

    The JT Strong Arm stabilizers solve this problem by creating a triangle between the jacks and the solid trailer frame. Once installed and tightened up any side to side and front to back movement is substantially dampened.

    Link to the JT's Strong Arm Stabilizers on the LCI Store - https://www.loveyourrv.com/JTStongArm
    LCI Manual and Installation Video - https://support.lci1.com/jts-strong-arm

    Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received this LCI product sample free of charge for the install and review.

    If you decide to do the installation yourself, expect to spend several hours. It's not overly complicated, but there is quite the assortment of hardware to install and attach. You'll need a decent power drill and some quality metal bits to bore mounting holes in the steel trailer frame.

    I found the included paper manual hard to follow with low-quality pictures but did find this terrific in-depth instructional video on the LCI Store.

    The install on my Keystone Cougar fifth wheel went well, and I got it done in an afternoon. For the front landing jacks, I drilled out holes in the middle of the front storage metal floor pan and on each side frame I-beam. Then drilled out larger holes on the jack legs for a pair of brass bushings and bolted all the hardware in place.

    The rear stabilizers proved to be a little more tricky. My Cougar trailer has a slide-out bike rack and a rear-mounted freshwater tank. Due to this, there was no workable place to attach the stabilizer bars to the frame. I solved the problem by adding an angle iron cross member, as shown in the above LCI video.

    Once everything was bolted in place and adjusted, we gave the JT's Strong Arm system a try and are more than happy with the results. Movement is significantly reduced!


    -Excellent quality, long-lasting hardware
    -Reduces movement and shaking inside the RV
    -More stability in high winds
    -Stays attached to the RV (one time install)
    -Easy to adjust bars and T-handles
    -Transferable to new RV


    -Adds about 40 lbs to the rig weight
    -More hardware to inspect and maintain
    -Extra setup and breakdown time
    -Paper instructions hard to follow and small pictures
    -Lose a notch on the front landing gear height

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  • Greg F
    Interesting, definitely going to watch this when we have some decent cell service.
  • Greg F
    Interesting video. Based on a few suggestions we bought x chocks. I'm sure they don't handle wiggle nearly as well as these diagonal braces but so far the movement has been acceptable. Compared to a truck camper it seems pretty darn stable. :)
  • Randy Vallis
    I use the x chocks as well. So far I haven't had any complaints.
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