• Ray
    In this video, I demo and review a compact and lightweight complete solar system from Lensun - https://www.lensunsolar.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=356

    Disclaimer: Love Your RV! received a 200W Lensun Solar Blanket Kit review sample free of charge.

    The kit includes a 200-watt semiflexible solar panel array that folds up into a super portable 16"x16" square. It also includes a waterproof EPever 15A MPPT controller, various hookup cables, a canvas carrying bag, and an EPever WiFi data dongle.

    I tested its charging power output when flat on the ground and then perpendicular to the ground for the best sun angle. Then I performed a simulated rain test, soaking the system pretty good for several minutes with water. It handled the shower and kept right on charging and dried out within an hour's time.

    I found the 200 watts fell short of rated amps and watts. But still pretty good considering its a flexible folding panel and my test environment wasn't optimal. Overall I feel it may be quite useful for campers and RVer where storage space is at a premium. Or folks that want a simple way to attach a solar charging system to their batteries.


    • Compact and Lightweight
    • Complete Kit Ready to Hook to Battery
    • Simple to Hook Up
    • Includes WiFi Dongle for EPever Phone App
    • Anderson Power Pole Type Connectors
    • 5 Meter Cable (16.4 feet)
    • Waterproof MPPT Solar Controller
    • Works with Lead Acid & Lithium Batteries
    • Sewn-in Metal Grommets
    • Carrying Bag w/Accessories Pouch
    • ETFE Film Solar Cells
    • PERC Solar Cells


    • Hard to Maximize Solar Input
    • Skeptical of Long Term Durability
    • Solar Panels get Hot
    • Low-Quality Alligator Clamps
    • No Fuse on Battery Line
    • Temp Sensor Too Close to Controller
    • Android App Clunky to Install & Third Party
    • Requires Separate WiFi Access Point

    EPever WiFi Box - https://amzn.to/30kX7Qh
    EPever Software - https://www.epsolarpv.com/downsoft.html

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    Every time I start one of these LYRV videos within earshot my wife passes along "Hi Ray" in the background.

    Just thought I would let you know. :)
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