• Cory H
    I have a Tekonsha P3, which is 5 years old. There is no tech support from Tekonsha with out an account or proof of purchase. Since I’m 63, I don’t remember who I purchased it from or where the receipt is? I'm doing good keeping last week straight.

    The problem:
    I set it for no boost and 12 volts for braking. Input is 14.3 volts, output using the manual lever is 11.9 volts and 5.9 amps, BUT, when applying the brake pedal, it’s less than 2 volts and a few tenths of an amp.

    Why is there a difference in voltage between the manual lever and applying the brake pedal? I believe the problem is inside brake controller?

    When using the manual lever, I hear a click which sounds like a relay to me. No click when the inertia sensor is activating. I’m thinking there is a problem with the switch that is utilized by the inertia sensor?

    The P3 has preformed very well and been reliable in the past.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
  • Cory H
    "Please accept the comment that answers your question.
    I have no idea why this appeared?
  • Ray
    Are you testing it while just parked or are you testing it while braking the trailer pretty hard? Just parked it will show a low voltage output with the pedal versus the manual override since it's designed to output power as needed. Like during a panic stop it would be full voltage.

    The "Please accept the comment that answers your question" is because this is the Ask for Help category so has a special question mode, that way later on people can see easily the right answer. Cheers, Ray

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  • Cory H
    Thanks for the prompt reply Ray.

    The P3 is a proportional controller so I have been testing it at around 45 mph on our country road here. We have 4" of snow foretasted here tomorrow in NE Wisconsin. I'm going to pull the controller out today and tinker on it tomorrow. The more I think about, I suspect the inertia sensor more than what is utilized to do the actual switching on the circuit board. We shall see.

    And, thanks for the retro movies. I didn't know you had two of those beagles. It was good to see Anne well and enjoying herself.

    You two take care and maybe we could share a couple of pints sometime at the American girl mind area? Cory
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