• Ray
    For my recent birthday, Anne completely surprised me with a Country Smokers Portable Electric Wood Pellet Grill. I guess she knew for a few years now I had been mentioning how I was wanting the little Traeger pellet grill https://www.traegergrills.com/pellet-grills/portable/ptg

    Turns out, though, that particular grill has been discontinued, and prices for Traegers in Canada are quite high. So she purchased a similar Country Smokers CS150PPG, hoping I would like it, and so far, I do! https://countrysmokers.com/grills/CS150PPG

    The Country Smokers model is 2/3rds the price but seems to work well enough. In the video, I give you a look at the inner workings, features, and demo the grill in action. I also test the power consumption cooking some streaks with a Jackery 1000 portable power box.

    I'll come back after using it over the winter and give you a review on how it performed.

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  • RVsolar
    Great grill so when is the invite we well bring a salad.
  • John612
    you're getting me hooked on the smoker Ray, looks like a hit.

    We're looking at a bike rack that will mount on the front of our 5th wheel, the Arvika.ca line looks pretty good, specifically the DFX-5WXL model.

    Any thoughts on this?


  • John612
    Can you grill both of those steaks at the same time?
  • Drew
    I'll bet the aroma is great- the whole place must be envious and hungry.
  • Ray
    There is room but mine was much thicker so started it early
  • Stephen Jansky
    After watching your review of this pellet grill I bought one as it fit what I wanted - not too big and expensive and a way to get into the pellet smoking method. But I am having an issue with mine that manufacturer has not been able to help with as of yet. Both times I cooked were at 225F, but the grill only maintains about 200F or slightly less. I did a 3 hour cook with country style pork ribs and second cook was 1 hour cook with hamburgers. Has your grill had any issues with holding temps at any of the settings?

    I tried covering grill with wool blanket as temps are in 40s and I tried turning up to 250F thinking cool weather was reason for issue. The blanket helped a little and the 250F setting ran at 250F. The manufacturer suggested I try adjusting the "P" setting to lower number - thus decrease time between auger runs. With grill temp set at 225F - the 3 "P" setting helped a little and the 2 setting ran at 240-245F.

    Thanks for any input.
  • Ray
    So far the only slow cook at low temp was a couple of pork loins and they came out good. I didn't pay too much attention to the temps, just set to 225 took about 3 hours. Near the end, I cranked it up a bit to caramelize the sauce I had on it.
    Grill has two temp probes, one on the lid top and one on the lower back area, they seem to differ.
    Both times the outside temps were around 50F. I heard pellets can have an effect if they get too damp.
    Also, check the felt around the outside of where the lid meets and make sure there are no gaps.
    I got another pork loin to cook in a few days so will let you know how it goes as the temps will be around 40F.
  • Stephen Jansky
    My lid temp gauge matches the digital read out fairly closely once the grill has settled into temp. I also put a meat temp probe on the grill next to the burgers, at suggestion of manufacturer - it ran 5-10 degrees lower than the grill digital read out.
    My pellets are from a brand new bag and I live in Colorado with low humidity and we have had no rain or snow in the last couple of weeks where I live - so the pellets are in good shape

    The felt seal around lid seems to make contact all the way around when latched.

    One thing I can pass onto to you is the wool moving blanket I placed on top of grill did seem to help hold heat in as pellet usage went down. I folded the blanket so that it fit over the top, keeping it away from the back to allow smoke and heat out the rear vents. The lid temp gauge ran about 100 degrees warmer went the blanket was on the top.
    I will be interested in what you find out on your next cook. I have a few tenderloins in the freezer too - what meat temp do you pull yours off?
  • Ray
    We like our steaks medium rarish so around 125-130F I pull them off and cover with foil for 5 or 10 minutes.
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