• Ray
    In this video, I replace multiple worn OEM suspension parts on our Keystone Cougar fifth-wheel trailer. They get swapped out with heavier duty components from Lippert Components (LCI).

    First, the OEM Trail Air EquaFlex equalizer gets upgraded to the beefier LCI Road Armor EQ. Next, the regular bolts are replaced with greaseable bolts along with bronze bushings. A big step up from the existing plastic bushing. Finally, the thin steel shackle links are swapped out for much thicker aluminum ones.

    Overall the upgrades should provide a smoother tow and last much longer. Once I put a decent amount of test miles on this suspension upgrade, I'll come back with a review video.

    Parts Links:

    Road Armor Equalizer - https://www.loveyourrv.com/roadarmor

    Short Link Wet Bolt Kit - https://store.lci1.com/tandem-axle-ap-kit-no-eq-wet-bolts-146297.html

    Long Shackle Wet Bolt Kit - https://store.lci1.com/tandem-axle-equa-flex-ap-kit-wet-bolts-long-links-146298.html

    Manual Links:

    Road Armor Installation PDF - https://lci-support-doc.s3.amazonaws.com/manuals/axles-and-suspension/ccd-0001409.pdf

    Lippert Suspension Torque Quick Reference PDF - https://lci-support-doc.s3.amazonaws.com/quickreferences/ccd_0001812.pdf
  • Eddie Aileen
    Nice video, good info!
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Ray
    Thanks, went nice and smooth. :)
  • Bill Adkin
    Great video Ray, If my mechanic worked that fast It would be easier to justify $85 an hour :)
  • Zeb - Michele
    Ray, I hope the holes on wet bolts are at the 3:00 and 9:00 o'clock position. When I did ours I didn't know this, zerk would not take grease, checked out on line. Had reposition them now take grease. Reasoning beginning to much weight on grease hole when at 12:00 position. I agree with Bill you do work fast, lol
  • Ray
    Thanks for the tip, the EQ bolts came preinstalled in the shackle, looks like they are sort of at 3 and 9. Hopefully, I got the hanger bolts right, they all took grease. I'll pay closer attention when I do the other side. Cheers, Ray
  • Ray
    In this video, I update you on my recent suspension upgrades from Lippert. I upgraded my old OEM parts by installing new Road Armor Equalizers, heavy-duty aluminum shackles, bronze bushings, and greaseable wet bolts.

    Overall I honestly didn't feel a whole lot of difference in the way the rig towed as the previous Trailer Air EQs did a good job. However, I'm very pleased with the extra strength and quality of the new components. I feel the new parts will last much longer than the OEM stuff I replaced.

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  • Nitehawk
    Hi Ray. I just did this same modification to my rig. It is a 2018 keystone outback 293UBH .it took my son and I a couple of hours to complete. We used wet bolts and shackle from Moreryde to complete the job.
    Have not had a chance to Road test it yet but hope before the end of the summer.
  • Ray
    Cool!. Even though I haven't had any issues with the lighter weight OEM setup I do feel a little more peace of mind with this beefed-up version. Especially since we are prone to heading a bit off the beaten path onto washboard and pot-holed dirt roads. :joke:
    Such an important part of a trailer, likely second only to tires.
  • Cliff E
    Ray, I realize that this videop is a few years old but I have a question for you. I just finished viewing thje video for this and I was wondering if you happen to remember the actual atime it took to replace the equalizer and the shackles and wet bolts on one side.

    I know that the video on Youtube shows just over 11 minutes but is this an accurate time or was it edited for tv. I am asking because I can not work on my rig at the place of storage and dont have the room at home other than the street and that wont happen. I will probably have to use the local elementary school
    parking lot and really would like to finish in 1 day. I am 74 so it will probably take me a little longer than you but I would much rather do iat myself than pay someone and hope it is done right.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated.
  • Ray
    It only took a couple of hours, and that was taking my time.
  • Cliff E
    Thanks Ray, greatly appreciated. Now just to find time when the school parkiing lot is empty and no rain in the forecast.
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