• Dale
    I have saw many of you using water meters that fit on a garden hose to monitor the amount of water you add to your fresh water tank. Do you think the same meter would work off of your pump when boondocking so that you could monitor the amount of fresh water used. The RVs water level systems are always suspect. Thanks
  • Zeb - Michele
    sounds like it would work, just have to check type of threads. That 's one of the many reasons I like our 2000 crossroads, open drivers side go thru compartment and there is the fresh water tank, being opaque I can tell water level. If you try it lets us know.
  • Greg F
    That's a pretty interesting idea! You would need to install the hose bib type connectors on the pex tubing to install it after the pump and put it where it is easy to read but other than that it should work. I believe on the meters I have purchased there are total and automatically resetting totals. The meter turns off after a period of non-flow and one meter resets to zero. I believe the main total meter is also resettable though which would allow you to reset that meter each time you fill and not lose the count after the "trip" meter shuts off due to lack of water flow. In any case how the meters function/reset would be something to pay attention to when you buy. Interested to see how it works out for you. :)
  • Ray
    I'm sure it would work but most are plastic and cheaply made so durability could be a factor, but on the other hand, they are cheap to replace. I have the SeeLevel level monitor system that works great on my fresh and shower tanks, showing the drop in 4 and 5% increments, not so much for the black and gray unless I want to be always cleaning them.
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