• UncleSam
    Ray, I am interested in some floor mats like the ones you reviewed a while back. I think weathertec but I'm not positive about that. My questions are: 1. Have the stick on mounting snaps held on the floor with use. 2.Do you think the mats would mostly stay in place if they did fail? I only ask because we tried in another truck to glue some velcro to the same type floor, and it failed. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Ray
    Yes they are Weather Tech, so far they have been great, no issues. They stay in place nicely and the 3M snap has stuck well.
  • Willie
    FYI, Cabelas sells floor mats that seem to be Cabela-branded WeatherTechs at a much more responsible price. I’ve had them in my Suburban for over ten years. They are excellent and with the upturned sides they will contain water/mud/snow and keep it from running into the carpet. They also made a similar mat that cover the rear cargo area of many SUVs.
  • Doug Schneider
    I've had weathertech mats in my cars and trucks for the past 10 years. Never had an issue. The stay put with the clip. They are also easy to keep clean. Living in Michigan and with the winter slush and salt, everything is well contained. I think they're worth the price.
  • UncleSam
    I'm sold on the weather tech. I appreciate the info and comments. Very wet and rainy in Louisiana today, and we have quite a few like that. Good luck to you all.
  • Nitehawk
    I like weather tech mats as well. have had them in my vehicles since 2008.But with my 2019 Yukon i decided to go with GMC floor mats. . They are a very very close match to weathertechs except that the one for the drivers floor needs to go higher under the gas pedal. Other than that they are as good .
  • Randy Vallis
    I've used WeatherTech in a number of my vehicles and just recently bought another set for a 2011 BMW X3. The fit is perfect, looks good and are really functional. So to let you know I have used them in a 2007 Honda CRV, 2016 Murano and a 2017 F150 and each set fit like a glove.
  • Emanuel
    I've had WeatherTech in my previous truck and they were great. We have WT mats in my wife's SUV. On my current RAM I decided to give Husky a try and absolutely love them!
  • jbowles
    While I like Weather Tech floor-mats, I prefer Husky products much more. Weather Tech is a little thin, comes off, to me, a little cheap. Husky floor-mats are a little thicker / substantial. Their website is www.huskyliners.com.
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