• Ralph Lowery
    We have a GE 4500 inverter generator that I am considering carrying on a rack at the receiver hitch. The hitch is rated to handle 300 lbs, the generator and rack should be about half of that. What do you guys say about the possibility of this? Should I put the generator in the truck or would it be ok at the hitch? My logic was it would be close to my power cord and I can secure it. The generator is a bit heavy but a strong back can walk off with it. I was thinking of designing an exhaust to carry the fumes up and away from the FW. How would this affect the handling while traveling down the road? I am asking before I try this on the road!! I do have the rack & generator mounted but I need to get my license plate moved to a better spot for viewing and verification by Law enforcement. All advice and experience is helpful!!
  • RichardM
    I don’t think weight would be an issue but the rear of any trailer really bounces a lot. Look at how far it is behind the trailer axles. Just something to be aware of. I use one of those hitch mounted cargo carriers on the back of our fifth wheel and use it to carry my bicycle and the RV cover (in a huge bag). I carry the generator in the truck bed as there is more reserve carrying capacity on the truck than on the trailer. Especially that far back. As far as handling, the generator isn’t that heavy but if you’ve weighed your rig and know what the pin weight is, you can probably decide if adding weight on the back is okay or a bad idea. Without that information, it would be hard to say.
  • Ralph Lowery
    Thanks Richard, that’s information that I needed to think about. I had not thought about the bounce, you brought up a good point. I had about decided it would be better off in the back of my truck anyway just needed more confirmation. Thanks
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