• Lorraine
    Who do you use for roadside assistance?

    We are Canadian, and originally used BCAA (from the AAA family) pre RVing. On advise from retired friends, we switched to Good Sam when we got our 5th wheel and Began travelling in 2012.

    I am considering switching back from Good Sam to BCAA or switch to Coach Net. I understand about the company one pays for roadside is separate from the tow company they pay to rescue you. I also know there are positive and negative feedback for all three.

    So help me make up my mind. I have always been very convicted to stay with GS, but something is niggling at me to switch. Should I just stay with Good Sam or should I switch to BCAA or Coachnet? BTW, since we’ve been RVing, we’ve never used our roadside (touch wood) and pre RV, I used it twice.
  • Ray
    We've used the BCAA with RV package. I think it is about $130 a year so have spent more on it than we've used over the last 10 years but peace of mind I guess.
    Had to use it twice, once to tow the truck in 2011 when the tranny failed and another in 2017 when the fuel lift pump quit in the middle of the Redwoods in HWY 101 we got both the truck and trailer towed 45 miles. Each time we just called the BCAA number and they took care of everything.
    It also gets us 10% off on our travel medical insurance.


  • Lorraine
    Thanks Ray. I am leaning BCAA, simply because it’s here and handy. I don’t need the travel medical because I get great rates with Johnson Medoc having been with Canada Post. But it may help trying them for insurance on the RV for Fulltime?
  • Ray
    Yeah, we just happened to use it because Anne has had BCAA roadside her whole life so just added the extra for the RV. I haven't explored if they have fulltimer RV insurance as we have a good policy that is grandfathered in from back in 2011 so just keep renewing.
  • Leftie Canuk
    I have been looking at the roadside assistance packages and Coach-Net is the most expensive for us, as fellow Canadians. We had to use Coach-Net to tow our diesel truck to Victoria, and unfortunately Coach-Net did not have a contract with one of the best towing outfit on the lower Island, so we ended up with a local firm. My suggestion is to check with your favorite towing firms to see if they have contracts with the roadside assistance plan providers, and even ask how that relationship is working. Some tow truck drivers will give you their opinion and/experience with dealing with the roadside assistance dispatchers, and not all are equal in their experience. This can make a difference when the tow truck operator arrives at your vehicle to get you going. We have had operators tell us they are only earning $ 20 for this job (changing a tire) or $ 50 for a 60 mile tow. Unhappy operators can result in an unpleasant roadside experience !
  • Lorraine

    Thank you for your input. A few years ago there was a discussion on an RV group about roadside insurance companies - mostly Americans. A lady who had worked for Coachnet boasted that they paid the tow company the best, and in return got the Best service for customers like us. Another group discussion about a year ago and a fellow from Oregon claimed he was a tow truck driver and that hands down, AAA was the best Roadside company for them to deal with.

    Since we usually travel a lot both winter and summer, it would only be possible to call the local tow truck company where we are right now (Penticton, BC) and are what their input is.

    I know of friends with Good Sam who had an issue in 2019 with a brake failure on their 42’ MH in a provincial campground on a Sunday. Good Sam “tried” but was unsuccessful finding them a tow and suggested they call highway patrol

    I am more leaning to BCAA, but my Good Sam is valid for another couple of months yet.
  • Zeb - Michele
    we're from the lower 48, On our trip to AK. in 2015 we used Coach-net 2 times, once for a 8 hr. ride from just south of Tok, AK. to Eagle River, AK. when our 5th wheel broke an axle spring, didn't cost a dime. and we get to use it at home with the car if we had to. AAA in this area doesn't offer and RV package. I can't say enough good stuff about Coach-net.

  • Lisa's RV Experience
    I have to say that I use Coach-Net, it is about $175/year but if you have a Winnebago there's a discount but you have to call to get it. Otherwise I think Escapees has a discount for them. I've heard that AAA won't tow motorhomes but I can't confirm that one. Good luck!
  • johnontario
    I've only used them twice in all the years I've paid for the road insurance but RV Explorers
    (Cdn Good Sam to me) were very efficient and no suprises.
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