• Dan and Joyce Karau
    If you go to 28:50 or so on this video it shows that by the end of Apr/mid May Starlink should have world wide connectivity! Obviously there will still be issues in heavily used blocks until the entire network of satellites are up, but this is promising! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngTe-CnAs8I
  • Ray
    Starlink update - saw my fasted speed ever today! 430 Mpbs and a tweet from Elon sure looks promising for RVers:

    Will users always be locked into one location or in the future if a user has the standard Dishy McFlatface (not a new portable one), could you say put it on an RV or tiny home? Or maybe take one you have in Iowa and put it in a studio in Texas Thinking face

    Yeah, should be fully mobile later this year, so you can move it anywhere or use it on an RV or truck in motion. We need a few more satellite launches to achieve complete coverage & some key software upgrades.

  • Drew
    I didn't watch the whole video but here's an update that I'm sure many are aware of already:

    Star Link
  • Craig Mckenzie
    Just ordered my Starlink Satellite dish. Can’t wait to use and to be able to travel with the unit.
  • Ray
    I've noticed that the Starlink service has become much more stable over the last few weeks. Before it would have downtime almost every day and temp glitches here and there. The other day I had an hour-long video conference call and was perfect. So they seem to have worked out many bugs and I guess more and more satellites are helping.
    A guy on Reddit with a skoolie confirms he was able to easily change addresses
    Beta Tester
    22 hours ago
    Mine came from Vermont, and I’m currently in Oklahoma. Changing the service address was really simple. Right now only thing i’m still waiting for is the RV plan.
  • Ray
    Starlink Update & Heads Up to Fellow Canadian Snowbirds

    In this video, I give you an update on how the Starlink internet has performed over the last month or so. I also give my fellow Canadians a warning about not being able to currently travel to the USA and use your Canadian Starlink Dish.

  • Ray
    In this update video, we take the Starlink Dishy 22 miles from its registered address to a treed campsite and see how it performs. I also describe an intermittent problem with the dish losing power due to a bent ethernet socket pin.

  • Keith
    We just ordered our kit for our house in Florida. The only broadband service we can get where we live is Hughes Net and it is horrible (and horribly expensive). As Rebecca is a telecommuter, we can't wait until we can go mobile with this system. I spend a huge amount of time scouting out boondocking locations with sufficient cell service to allow her to work.

    Thanks for the updates on your system Ray, it made "pulling the trigger" a lot easier.
  • Ray
    You're welcome, hope you can get it soon!
  • Ray
    Thanks, A person has been able to move addresses for a while now. Here is a better update on the current state of things.

    Not much has changed in the last few months. About the only thing I can report is the service is more stable than ever.
  • Ray
    SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet - 6 Month Update

  • Ray
    This video gives you some real-world feedback on my experience camping in forested campsites with Starlink. Also, so far, we have moved the dish address location three times, and each time it worked. Of course, though, your mileage may vary.

    The connectivity results varied depending on the density of the tree canopy, but overall it performed better than I would have imagined.

  • Ray
    Latest forest campsite on Vancouver Island, BC. Not much sky to see but it is to the north. Getting a pretty usable internet connection with over 90% good ping rate, streams video quite well. Here is Starlink's dish view.

  • Ray
    Unfortunately, I had to cancel my SpaceX Starlink internet dish service today. They still don't allow for international travel. As soon as I crossed the USA/Canada border I no longer could get a connection. Hopefully, they can get that worked out in the future for us RV snowbirds
  • Ray
    Was able to easily reactivate my Starlink now that I'm back in Canada. The old dish was auto-updated to the latest firmware and is working well. Even with lots of trees around where we are camped right now, it's usable. No problem streaming video, uploading, and downloading. Video conferencing or gaming would be terrible but I don't do much of that. You can see the obstructions it sees and disconnect stats in a few pictures from the Starlink App.

  • Ray
    Update - Reactivated my Dishy after 6 Months + DIY RV Ladder Mounting

    In this video I let you know how my Starlink Dish is performing these days and tell you about a few recent updates to the service such as an RV version and portability option.

    I also show you my new DIY ladder mount using a chain-link fence pole and flag pole ladder mount.

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