• Ray
    In this video, I review the Safari ME portable power station from Lion Energy. The Safari ME contains a 922 watt-hour LiFePO4 battery and a 2000W (4000W surge) pure sine wave AC inverter. It also has two 12V and four USB ports for all your off-grid power needs. Operation and setup are extremely easy.

    Solar and AC charging times are terrific! Full charge in as little as 95 minutes and 83 respectively. Weight is 45.5 lbs and dimensions 18.7 x 12.8 x 12.8 inches.

    This extensive video review includes AC & DC power capacity tests, AC & Solar charging tests, plus demos of the Safari powering different items around our RV. In the end, I share my likes and dislikes.


    * Has metal casing on top, bottom, and two sides
    * Strong handles with convenient outward slant
    * AC charge cord built into the unit
    * Simple to operate uncluttered controls
    * Bright, easy to read display screen
    * 922 Wh LiFePO4 battery (2500+ cycles)
    * Can hold a charge for 12 months
    * Fast charging with 668W AC or 585W solar
    * 2000W (4000W surge) AC power inverter
    * 15 & 25 amp 12VDC output ports
    * USA company based in Utah
    * Good track record making lithium products
    * Easily connect up to 600W of solar panels
    * 2048Wh expansion battery pack option


    * The front plastic faceplate feels weak
    * 12v output port regulation issues
    * On the expensive side compared to other competitors
    * No 12V car charging input
    * Solar input limited to max 60 VOC
    * It only has one year warranty

    *Fair Disclosure* I received the products in the video free of charge from Lion Energy in exchange for reviewing them. I'm also an affiliate earning a commission on sales. However, I’m not sponsored by Lion Energy and receive no direct monetary compensation for the videos and blog posts. Opinions remain my own and I have full editorial control.

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    Safari ME Portable Power Station - https://bit.ly/3ykJ6RH
    Lion 100 Watt Solar Panel - https://bit.ly/3xqZ7UK
    Lion Energy Safari UT1300 Battery - https://bit.ly/3Ae7Qvg

    See my Lion Energy UT1300 LiFePO4 105AH Battery Review Videos - https://www.loveyourrv.com/?s=lion
  • Ray
    In this video, I demo/test the addon pieces that make up the Lion Energy Safari ME Deluxe Kit. The deluxe kit has six 100W folding panels, a 2048 watt-hour expansion battery pack, and a 25-foot solar power cable.

    In my tests, the system performed well. Empty to full charge times were roughly 5 hours via the AC power input and just under 7 hours using the 600 watts of solar panels. Usable power capacity came in at 2640 watt-hours. The system charges surprisingly fast, given the large battery capacity.

    With some consistent sunshine, this system could easily power most RVers off-grid needs for days on end. In the coming weeks, I plan to put it to a real-world test with some back-country camping. Stay tuned for a future video. Cheers, Ray
  • Eddie Aileen
    I like that Power Station set-up Ray, nice video also!
    A little off from your power center, but here is pictures of my last install.
    It is a upgrade with 6- Safari UT 1300 Lion Energy 100Ah batteries.
    It was one tight battery bank install.......
    Miss you and Anne! Happy Trails Pal!!!
  • Ray
    Wow, great job at putting everything in such a small area and cool idea for the battery holder. Looks like a sweet system!
  • Eddie Aileen
    Thanks pal!
    You also have been doing some neat solar work on your RV home!!!
    Happy Trails...Pal!!!
  • Ray
    In this video, I take my Lion Energy Safari ME portable lithium power station out camping with me on Vancouver Island. BC. We visit a couple of the beautiful provincial parks in the coastal rainforest.

    It was an excellent 10-day real-world test of the power station. Since the campsites were in the forest, it's was a rigorous test. I was able to recharge the Safari ME using the Lion Energy portable solar panels. With 600 watts of solar recharge, time was pretty short. About 2 hours for the main box and another 4 hours for the battery expansion pack. During rainy days I used my 2000W generator to charge with. The quick recharge time of the LiFEPO4 battery packs was most helpful in this use case.
  • Ray
    A quick review update video on the Safari ME Deluxe Kit after using it longer term. I have had some issues with the main Safari ME box and the battery expansion pack. Lion Energy tried to solve the problems by swapping with newer units, but the replacements have different issues.

    I'm not a fan of the little hard plastic power pole connectors used for the solar hookup and the large, stiff cord for the expansion pack. I am a fan of the durable folding solar panels and would love the complete system if they could get the power box issues sorted. Maybe it's just a fluke that I had problems. Who knows...

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