• Zenitrame
    Hello all,
    Need your thoughts and input on when’s the best time to reseal the roof on a travel trailer. This week I had someone check the roof and he informed me there are severe cracks on the seals throughout my roof. He provided pictures for me (due to medical reasons, I’m unable to get onto the roof). The cracks are pretty bad. So it needs to be done but, I’ve heard that it’s best to get it done in the warmer months so that the self-leveling material seeps into all areas. It is now the end of October and only going to be getting colder. Should I wait for it to get warm again or just get it done ASAP? The trailer will not be in use for the next several months so there is no hurry but, it is out on the driveway, open to the elements. I guess I just don’t want to have to do it again in the spring.

    Your thoughts and input are greatly appreciated!

  • Dhuhn
    I would get some dicor clean those area and fill those cracks before you get leaks in your roof. You don’t want that roof to leak or your going to have a bigger problem. I would get it done asap even if you have to do it again spring.
  • Robin canfield
    R V Armor would eliminate ever having to reseal again, a little expensive but IMHO worth every penny to not ever having to worry about it again. They have technicians all over and will come to where you are. They are located in Florida but the technicians are everywhere.
  • klaykrusher
    For colder temps, Dicor recommends warming the container to between 60-80 degrees before applying. "Prior to application, clean the surface of all foreign materials. Allow surface to dry. Use standard caulking equipment to apply Self-leveling Sealant. In cold weather, warm container at room temperature 60° (16°C) – 80° (27°C)."
  • Zenitrame
    Thank you all for the great information. I did check into the RV Armor. Sounds like a good way to go but the cost was going to be just over $4K. I’m sure that in the long run it would pay for itself and I may still do it in the future but for now, I went with the Dicor. The gentleman removed the old and replaced everything up on the roof for $300. Temperatures at the time he did it were in the mid 80s.

    Again, thank you all for your help and input!
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