• Chris
    Had an issue with the fridge this last week. Took the Cougar (2007) boondocking this last week and when we went to turn on the fridge running off of propane, the fridge would not light. The inside control panel immediately says Check and never tries to light the propane. Also, there is a whining noise coming from what sounds like the control board on the back (outside). The two glass fused in back are good. Checked the propane and everything seems good there: the furnace, hot water heater, stove, oven all work perfectly.

    Couldn't figure it out, so to keep everything cold/frozen I figured that I would just run the generator a few hours each day. Unfortunately, the fridge now doesn't want to run on electric either! Still immediately starts the whining noise as soon as I hit the On button. For background, the Cougar lives in my shop always plugged in and with the fridge running all the time. I affectionately call her my $15,000 beer fridge! :grin:

    Would anyone have ideas on what else I could check? Praying the fridge isn't shot!!

    Thanks so much!!
  • Chris
    :groan: Yikes! I guess this is a harder problem than I thought! The only thing I can think of to try next is to replace the control board on the outside panel. I'll try and swap that out and report back...
  • Ray
    I would download the manual and troubleshoot the electrical part of it since it's the more simple compared to the gas. Being that they both don't work I lean towards a problem on the controller board.
    Try to isolate what is whining. A rubber hose to the ear helps isolate the sound. My guess is it may be one of the relays or coils on the controller board at the back of the fridge. If whining it's likely drawing too much amperage due to something else short-circuited on the board. At this point, I would be tracing things out using a multimeter to see what part may have failed. Short of doing some board-level troubleshooting to confirm the fault, you'll have to take a guess and replace it.
  • Chris
    Just a quick update on my issue: Ray you were right, it was the control board that was the issue. A quick click of the Buy button on Amazon and this part and a few minutes to install and all was right in the world again!!

    Thanks for your help!!
  • Ray
    Cool! :cool: Thanks for the update
  • Drew
    Chris, Glad you got it fixed. Just a suggestion- I wouldn't keep the fridge on all the time. That will shorten its life overall. Get a Yeti or something to keep the beer cold.
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