• Ray
    In this video, I demo and review a 100 amp-hour 12V lithium battery from Aolithium. The battery looks well made and utilizes quality components like grade “A” CALB brand lithium cells. But what intrigued me was the inclusion of Bluetooth data connectivity. A feature not often seen in a battery that sells in the same price range.

    Aolithium produces a smartphone app for download for both the Apple and Android Play stores. With it, you can get detailed information about what’s going on inside this battery. Helpful information like percent state of charge, voltage, and amperage. Sort of like a fuel gauge for your battery!

    Disclaimer: I received the Aolithium battery as a complimentary review sample.


    • Includes Bluetooth for smartphone app
    • Economical at under $700
    • Uses CALB Grade A LiFePO4 cells
    • Robust BMS – 200A max discharge and 100A max charge
    • Easy disassembly with replaceable components
    • Laser welded cell bus bar
    • Thick flat copper internal connection cables
    • Low profile battery terminals for tight install areas
    • ISO9001/UL/CE/UKCA/UN38.3 certifications


    • Only a 5-year warranty and non-transferable
    • Positive and Negative terminals too narrow for large gauge battery lugs
    • Only supports 2 batteries in a series arrangement
    • Very little brand history or awareness
    • Smartphone app weirdness at low capacity readings

    Product Links:

    Aolithium Affiliate Link
    Amazon Link
  • MJ M
    I am unable to watch the video so I have a question. Did you have to wake up the battery when you received it? Was there any charge/voltage readout before you did anything with it? Ours seems to be "dead". Contacted the company and waiting to hear back.
  • Ray
    No, it came to me 30% charged and worked fine out of the box. Here is the email address that I have communicated with them by They are in Asia so there is a day or so delay. Let me know how it goes.
    I gave the battery away to a viewer so I no longer have it. But if a problem will update the blog post and do a video letting people know. Cheers, Ray
  • MJ M
    Thanks Ray for the quick reply! That is the email that we did use to contact them, and yes, we will keep you posted. P.S. I love being out here in the desert; thanks for being an inspiration.
  • MJ M
    Issues have been settled with AOLithium. I would love to send you the email thread we had going with them. Is that possible and/or are you interested? If so, how do I go about sending it to you?
  • Ray
    Sure, is good. Cheers, Ray
  • Ray
    *Update* New Aolithium Battery Model Designed for RVs

    I check out a newer model of the Aolithium Battery I reviewed back in November 2021. The new 12V100Ah-4S model has addressed some of the weak points of the old one. Namely recessed terminals that made hooking up larger cable lugs harder to do. And this model now supports up to 4 batteries in series hookups versus only 2. They have also extended the warranty period from 5 to 8 years.

    In the video, I do some charge and discharge demos and test several safety protections such as overcharge, over current and low temperature. Overall the battery performed well and seems to be a pretty good bang for the buck, currently listing on sale at $599.

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