• Ray
    It finally warmed up enough for safe travel, so we bid Idaho a fond farewell and coincidentally landed in Farewell Bend SP, Oregon. Nice view of the Snake River, grassy hills, and cows! It's part of the historic Oregon Trail. Actually, the other side of the river is still Idaho. So really didn't get too far. Haha. Gonna hang here until we can safely cross Deadman's Pass, as I don't want to be the Deadman. :) https://www.dangerousroads.org/north-america/usa/4792-deadman-pass.html

  • Herb
    You're getting close to my 'neck of the woods' now. Just stay off "rattle snake" grade / hill. I've done it but its a white knuckle ride. Put blinders on Anne if you do. EXTREMELY steep & curved. From where you are & if you're headed West you won't hit it, unless you head to Wallow Lake area going cross country. Just keep the shiny side up, the greasy side down and your wheels between the ditches.
  • Willie
    We were in that neighborhood in February headed to Missoula over Lolo Pass. Stayed just up the road from you at the Spring Recreation BLM campground right on the Oregon side off the Snake. Nobody was there and it was free! We had a wolf howling chorus at sunset. Yep wolves, not coyotes. Also check out Steck Park campground just across the river from the Spring Rec site on the Idaho side.
  • Ray
    Drove over and checked out the Spring BLM the other day and talked to the camp host there for a while, he actually knew me from my videos. Nice guy. Says he camp hosts from April to October. There is a $5 fee in the summer season. Along the drive out though I saw quite a few rundown squatter-type RVs camped off the road. The road in is a little narrow in spots and the shoulders are crumbling with a pretty steep drop off.

  • Willie
    I’ll concede that the road is not a two lane with shoulders and probably not a good choice for a fiver. OTOH we love a challenging road because it tends to keep the crowds down. :-) The next time we’re in the area we are going to check out Steck Park on the Idaho side. It’s a long drive in along farm roads from the town of Weiser, ID.
  • Ray
    If you do let me know how it is. The campsite looks pretty good from sat views. Not sure if it's big enough for our rig though. Yesterday I saw several RVs heading back after I guess the long weekend. Larger Class C and a medium-sized travel trailer. I can see the dirt road from the Oregon side here. But for me from Farewell Bend SP it's about 80 miles and 2 hour round trip to look and with the cost of diesel, I decided against the drive over. :) Looks like it's right beside the train bridge.
  • Ray
    In this video, I have information on the camping opportunities around Farewell Bend on the Snake River, which flows along the Oregon and Idaho border. It's famous for being where the Oregon Trail travelers bid farewell to Snake River to cross the Blue Mountains and meet up with the Columbia River.

    The area offers beautiful scenery, wildlife viewing, fishing, and tons of history to explore. We camped in mid-April 2022 at the Farewell Bend Oregon State Park, located about a 1/2 mile off Interstate 84. https://stateparks.oregon.gov/index.cfm?do=park.profile&parkId=4

    The campsite had terrific views of the river and surrounding hills. Well-spaced out paved RV sites with water and eclectic hookups. The cost was $33 for us being out of state. Oregon residents pay $26.

    Nearby BLM Camping Links:
    Spring Rec Site - https://www.blm.gov/visit/spring-recreation-site
    Steck Park - https://www.blm.gov/visit/steck-park
    Weiser Sand Dunes - https://www.blm.gov/visit/weiser-dunes
  • Jake Gier
    That's a pretty area. On down the river is Brownlee Dam, 400 feet tall. You're sitting on the back waters where you're camped. In 1976-77 my wife and I lived down in front of the Brownlee Dam, in a 24ft camp trailer. That's where we spent our honey moon. I was part of the crew that put the fifth generator in the dam. The road across the river from you going to Steck Park is horrible. It's solid wash board. I won't pull my rv up that road. I used to race dune buggies in the dunes across from you. I live in Nampa Idaho now.
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