• MikeD
    Hi Ray, Do you leave your monitor on all the time so you can watch the area in
    front of your door? If so does it stay on without shutting off?
    Mine shut off on its own after a short time. Haloview sent me a new one
    and the new one is shutting off too.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Mike
  • Ray
    Yes, It stays on for days and days in a row, even weeks, recording the view outside my door. If it doesn't shut off being used in the vehicle I don't see why it would shut off being used elsewhere as long as it has constant power. What are you using to power it? Maybe that source is intermittent or has a sleep mode and the display doesn't draw enough power to be noticed. Or is it the camera that is shutting off?
  • MikeD
    Hi Ray, It acted up in the truck also. In the truck the monitor would shut off
    and come back on it's own. In the RV it is connected to it's own AC to DC adapter.
    When it shuts off the light goes from green to red and it does not come back on.
    Don't know how to check if camera shuts off, but when the monitor does all I
    have to do is push the power button and it comes right back on. Sent a message to
    support a week ago, haven't head back yet. Thanks
  • Ray
    If it has the red light then it indicates the 12V power is likely OK.
    On mine, if I disconnect power to the camera the display light changes from green to red but the display stays on its just black with the top icons and says no signal.
    If I push the power button then everything goes off except for the red light. So leads me to believe your camera is OK.
    If you don't hear back by next week or get a satisfactory response from Haloview let me know and I'll email my contact at Haloview to sort it out.
  • MikeD
    Thanks Ray, your advice and aid are appreciated.
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