• Ray
    Since using and maintaining an RV involves plenty of tasks and procedures, it’s best to have some sort of RV Checklist. You may have an excellent memory, but even the best of us can forget something, usually when you’re tired after a long day’s travel or it’s dark and raining.

    Most likely of all, the friendly RV site neighbor decides to talk your ear off while you’re setting up or breaking camp.

    UPDATE: 2022 Our 11-year-old iPad has finally died, and it looks like the IOS app we were using is no longer available. So, I located and bought an Android App called ChecklistPro from Adventure Trek. It seems to do the job. You can create/edit or export lists in CSV format to share or edit on a computer and import them back to the app.

    Our RVing Departure Checklist

    Indoor Stuff

    Secure Loose Items
    Secure Cabinets and Drawers
    Interior Doors Secured
    Windows Closed and Locked
    Refrigerator Items Secured
    Refrigerator Power
    Blinds Anchored
    Table In
    Close Sink Drain
    Drinking Water Put Away
    Cutting Board Stowed
    Vent Fans Off
    TV Antenna Down
    AC & Heat Off
    Hot Water Off
    Water Pump Off
    Take Out Trash
    Plug In Rear View Camera

    Outdoor Stuff

    Remove & Store Flag Pole
    Remove & Store Weather Station
    Remove and Store Hummingbird Feeder
    Inspect Roof
    Remove Starlink Dish
    Clean Off Slide Roof
    Retract Slide Out Room
    Secure Sewer Tote
    Stow Chairs/BBQ/Fire Bowl/Mats etc.
    Stow Water Regulator/Bucket/Ladder
    Retract Awning
    Disconnect Sewer/Water/Power/TV Cable
    Drain Holding Tanks
    Add Fresh Water
    Propane Tanks Off
    Retract Rear Stabilizer Jacks
    Check Tires & Lug Nuts
    Inspect Undercarriage
    Hitch Up Truck
    Perform Tug Test
    Retract Landing Jacks
    Store Leveling Blocks and Wheel Chocks
    Stow Entry Steps and Lock Trailer Door
    Storage Bays Locked

    Tow Vehicle

    Secure Back Seat Cargo
    Turn on Tire Monitor, Check PSI
    Attach Rear View Camera Display
    Attach GPS & Set Route
    Truck Bed Cargo Secure
    Attach Tow Cable
    Attach Trailer Safety Disconnect
    Make Sure Tailgate is Closed
    Check Gauges
    Check Fuel & DEF
    Adjust Mirrors
    Check Truck & Trailer Lights
    Final Walk Around
    Give Ray a Kiss!
    Test Trailer Brakes
  • Zoom
    I made an excel spreadsheet with my checklist but also everything I need before we head out. I list everything from wheel chocks to our air fryer to the tools I might need. I just print out the list and leave it in the garage to check off everything I have added. I also leave it in the camper for my arrival and leaving checklist. I will be looking at your list and app to see if will work better for me. Thanks!
  • John612
    Last item on our departure checklist (and the most important) is kiss the driver.
  • JudyMc
    I use Microsoft To Do app for my lists. (Have used for years - even before Microsoft purchased.). It is a free app. I have it on my iPhone, iPad and Mac computer. If I update a list on any device, it updates on others. Stored in the cloud - and local to the device so can access when not connected to the internet. I can also share my lists. I use it for all kinds of lists; even for groceries. Great app!
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